Drunk Driving Car Accidents in College Station

Many actions people take while behind the wheel place others in danger. For the most part, these are careless decisions or those that are not outright illegal under the law. However, drunk driving is not one of these examples. A person who chooses to drink and drive faces serious criminal consequences, and their decisions open them to civil liability for any damage they may cause to others.

If you have endured an injury because a person decided to drink and drive, a vehicle crash attorney could help you recover the compensation you deserve. They are prepared to take the lead in pursuing cases after drunk driving car accidents in College Station and demanding the payments necessary to set things right.

Collisions Involving Drunk Drivers Can Result in Harsh Injuries

Every car crash can result in life-altering injuries. However, incidents involving drunk drivers can be even more concerning since that driver may not have attempted to avoid a collision or may be moving at speeds far above the posted speed limit. This can result in crashes that devastate a person’s physical health, affect their quality of life, and cost them significant losses in missing wages or property damage.

Any driver who causes a collision is liable under the law for providing fair compensation. Even so, collecting these payments as a victim is contingent on proving fault for an accident and connecting one’s losses to the event. An attorney in College Station is prepared to measure a person’s losses following drunk driving car accidents. They also work to show how these events would not have happened but for another’s choice to drink and drive.

Connecting Drunk Driving to Civil Liability

There is no doubt that drunk driving can result in life-altering harm. Still, injured people always bear the burden of showing another driver’s actions were the primary source of their losses.

In examples involving College Station drunk driving car crashes, the outcome of a criminal case may be powerful evidence. Texas Penal Code §12 (B) outlines the concept of drunk driving under state law. If a police officer arrests a person for drunk driving and a criminal court later returns a conviction, this proves that the defendant was to blame for the crash.

In fact, a concept of law called negligence per se says that a civil court could presume a defendant’s liability for an accident if that person violated a law at the time of the collision. Connecting an arrest for DUI to a civil demand for compensation is another way a legal advocate could help.

Speak with an Attorney Today for Help Following a Drunk Driving Car Accident in College Station

All people who suffer injuries because of the poor choices of others deserve compensation for their losses. Perhaps no example of this concept is so clear as those who endure harm because a person decided to drive drunk. Drunk driving is illegal under state law and makes it clear that a defendant is liable for any resulting injuries.

Reach out to an attorney today to learn more about your legal options after drunk driving car accidents in College Station. Chad Jones Law is prepared to listen to your story, explain the laws that control your case, and take all necessary steps to pursue your claim for all possible compensation. Contact our office today to set up an appointment to discuss your case.