Front-End Car Accidents in College Station

Although they are not as common as other types of crashes, front-end car accidents in College Station are notoriously dangerous. When two vehicles collide head-on, the occupants of both cars can sustain life-altering, permanent harm that can impact every aspect of their lives for many years into the future.

If a car struck you head-on, you might be wondering where to turn for help. A skilled attorney at Chad Jones Law could review your legal options with you and help you pursue the compensation and justice you deserve.

Common Injuries Suffered in Head-On Collisions

When two vehicles traveling in opposing directions hit each other, the resulting crash can be incredibly dangerous and even fatal. Serious injuries can occur, even when the two cars are traveling at low speeds. Survivors of front-end crashes frequently suffer whiplash, bruises, and internal organ trauma, often due to their seatbelts and deployed airbags. At faster speeds, the likelihood of serious trauma occurring rises dramatically.

Other common injuries caused by front-end collisions include:

In addition to these physical wounds, many survivors of front-end vehicle accidents also bear emotional scars from the trauma of the crash. Crash survivors may need therapy to help them learn how to feel safe about getting back into a car again. A dedicated College Station attorney could help an individual assess all of their losses and project their future needs in order to pursue a fair damages award after a head-on accident.

Fatal Front-End Wrecks

Because front-end crashes often are so destructive, it is not uncommon for the resulting injuries to be fatal. Surviving family members of a head-on collision victim could obtain justice and compensation for the loss of the loved one through a wrongful death claim with the help of a compassionate local attorney.

Causes of Head-On Crashes in College Station

Many head-on collisions occur when a motorist ignores their driving duties. Most commonly, this occurs when a motorist is distracted, fatigued, or drunk. For example, a driver who looks down at their cellphone to read a text message could easily veer out of their lane and drift onto the other side of a road. Similarly, a driver who is daydreaming or fighting to stay awake might not notice an approaching driver.

Head-on accidents also frequently occur when negligent or reckless motorists make unsafe lane changes or try to illegally pass other cars. They can also happen when a driver loses control of their vehicle, such as when a motorist exceeds the speed limit. After a front-end crash, a College Station lawyer could gather evidence, speak with witnesses, and use their experience to help an individual determine the exact cause of the accident.

Get in Touch with a College Station Attorney About Your Front-End Car Accident

Front-end car accidents in College Station can change a person’s life. You might be in a great deal of physical and emotional pain. Your injury might prevent you from working and enjoying your everyday activities.

If you were injured in a head-on collision caused by someone else, you could be eligible for financial compensation. Contact us at Chad Jones Law today to learn more about what our dedicated legal team could do for you.