Rear-End Car Accidents in College Station

In today’s busy world, people are almost always in a rush. As a result, they might not be as careful as they should be when driving. Consequently, some drivers bump into the car in front of them. While many rear-end car accidents in College Station turn out to be mere fender benders, these collisions can also be dangerous.

If you experienced serious injuries after being struck by another vehicle from behind, do not wait to take legal action. A skilled attorney at Chad Jones law could help you recover the compensation that you need from the at-fault driver.

Frequent Causes of Rear-End Collisions in College Station

Many factors can contribute to rear-end collisions. These crashes often occur in heavy traffic, which involves stop-and-go conditions. One of the most common causes is distracted driving. Drivers who are distracted by their cellphones, daydreaming, eating, reaching for objects, or even talking to their passengers might not be aware of the traffic conditions around them. They might not know that the car in front of them has stopped at a red light or that the traffic has slowed on a highway due to construction. As a result, they might not have the time to slow down or stop before crashing into the car in front of them.

A rear-end collision can also occur when a motorist who is anxious to get to their destination tailgates or follows the car in front of them too closely. Drivers who are speeding, drowsy, or impaired may also be unprepared to stop quickly.

A skilled College Station attorney could review the evidence from the crash in order to determine what happened and who is at fault. A lawyer could visit the crash scene, speak with eyewitnesses, review the police reports, examine the medical records, and look through traffic camera and security camera footage.

Shared Liability in Rear-End Accident Cases

Drivers owe a duty of care to other motorists to follow all traffic laws, which includes keeping a safe distance from the car in front of them to have enough time and space to prevent a crash if an emergency arises. The common belief is that the driver in the rear is always to blame for causing the crash. While this is often the case, there are certain situations where both drivers could be held partially responsible for the accident occurring.

There can be several contributing factors that could lessen the liability of the rear driver. The court may find that the vehicle in the front is partially at fault because they stopped abruptly, leaving no time for the rear driver following at a safe distance to stop in time. Texas operates with a modified comparative fault statute, which means that the lead driver could still recover partial damages as long as the rear driver was at least 51% to blame for the accident. The lead driver’s damages would be reduced in proportion to their degree of fault for the collision.

Unfortunately, insurance companies often try to shift unfair blame onto the injured driver after an accident. It is important to work with an experienced College Station attorney who can ensure that a motorist does not take more than their share of the blame for a rear-end crash.

Call a College Station Attorney Who Understands Rear-End Car Accidents

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a rear-end accident, you could be facing hospital bills, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and more. The last thing you need on your plate is a legal battle.

At Chad Jones Law, our dedicated attorneys could take this burden off of you so that you can focus on healing. Our legal team is experienced in handling rear-end accidents in College Station and could fight for fair compensation on your behalf. Contact our office today to learn more about your options.