Rollover Car Accidents in College Station

Various situations could result in a vehicle rolling over and causing injuries to the people inside. Usually, these incidents result from a sudden steering wheel jerk in an attempt to avoid other vehicles or hazards on the road. However, a car may also roll over after a collision with another vehicle or from colliding with debris or garbage.

Whenever these collisions or hazardous situations result from another person’s negligence, that party is legally responsible for all damage. This includes physical injuries but may also involve emotional traumas and lost wages. Talking with the attorneys at Chad Jones Law today allows them to provide you with more information about rollover car accidents in College Station and pursue your case for all appropriate compensation.

How Rollover Accidents Affect the Lives of Victims

Rollover accidents are severe events. Even a single flip onto the side of a vehicle may result in a person hitting their head on a window or crushing injuries affecting their arms or legs on the specific side. If the car goes completely upside down or takes multiple rolls, these injuries can be far more severe. It is not unusual for these incidents to result in a person becoming trapped in a vehicle or even suffering burns.

Anytime another person’s driving or carelessness in allowing dangers to be on the road causes a rollover, that person is liable for all resulting losses. This includes paying for all needed medical care connected to physical injuries. It also includes payments for reductions in a person’s quality of life and financial losses. A legal representative works to demand at-fault drivers and insurance companies provide the reimbursement needed to get a person’s life back on track. This can help set things right after College Station rollover car wrecks.

Is There a Time Limit to Pursue Compensation?

There is always a time limit following any car crash within which an injured person must demand compensation if they want to collect payments. Under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 16.003, this time limit is two years from the date of the rollover. As a result, contacting an attorney as soon as possible is vital, ensuring this time limit does not affect a case.

While this may seem long, many rollover cases are complex legal matters. They may require extensive investigations into the source of the crash and could necessitate demands for compensation from multiple parties. In addition, the full extent of a College Station victim’s losses may not be apparent for weeks or months after the rollover crash. A lawyer could take all necessary steps to bring a case forward thoroughly but quickly.

Reach Out to an Attorney to Discuss Rollover Car Accidents in College Station in More Detail

All drivers who cause crashes through their negligence have an obligation under the law to provide full compensation to victims. This may even apply when they do not directly contact another vehicle but cause an accident. Rollovers are a key example of this concept. If a driver causes a rollover by leaving items on the road or causing another to make a sudden turn, they are liable for all losses.

Talking with a legal representative could be the first step towards collecting the reimbursement you deserve. Chad Jones Law could explain the relevant laws in the state, investigate the cause of the crash, measure your losses, and send demand packages to insurance companies and defendants. Call now to get started.