Texting While Driving Car Accidents in College Station

Drivers have a duty of care to all other motorists, passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and other people on the road. As part of that duty, drivers need to pay attention to their surroundings. With the increasing prevalence of cell phones in the hands of drivers, distracted driving has become an even bigger problem.

Texting while driving car accidents in College Station can result in devastating injuries for those involved. If you have been injured by a driver who was texting at the time of the crash, a skilled attorney could help you to seek compensation for your losses in a personal injury claim.

Some of the Dangers of Cellphone Use While Driving

Distracted driving occurs anytime something inside or outside the car takes a driver’s attention away from their driving duties. Texting while driving is so hazardous because it creates more than one distraction for a driver. Visually, texting causes a driver to take their eyes off of the road in front of them. A motorist looking down at their cellphone would not see that the car ahead of them had stopped. Manually, it causes a driver to take their hands off of the steering wheel in order to scroll through a message or reply to a text. Without their hands on the wheel, a distracted motorist would have no means to act quickly to prevent an emergency. Cognitively, texting takes a driver’s mental focus away from driving. While reading or composing a text message, a motorist would not be able to think and react appropriately to dangerous situations.

Texting motorists create hazards and put the lives of everyone else on the road at risk. These drivers are more apt to miss seeing the traffic stop or a pedestrian crossing the street. They can also drift into other lanes or even off the road.

Relevant Laws Regarding Cellphone Usage

State law does not forbid all cellphone usage while driving, but it does prohibit texting while driving. Under Texas law, it is illegal to text while driving a moving vehicle. Among other restrictions, it is also illegal to use a handheld device in a Texas school zone, and drivers under 18 cannot use a handheld device at all.

If an at-fault motorist receives a citation from a College Station police officer for texting while driving, a local attorney could use that citation as evidence in an injury case that the motorist breached their duty of care to other people on the road.

Potential Recoverable Damages in a Texting While Driving Case

If an individual texts while driving, they could be subject to criminal penalties. A knowledgeable attorney could also help an injured claimant pursue a civil personal injury claim against the at-fault driver for damages. Under Texas law, a claimant could seek compensation for their economic losses, such as their hospital and other medical bills, past and future lost wages and salary, and physical and emotional therapy bills.

An injured party in College Station could also pursue recovery of their non-economic losses after a texting while driving crash. Non-economic losses include pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

Reach Out to a College Station Attorney Regarding Texting While Driving Car Accidents

If a distracted driver struck you in a texting while driving car accident in College Station, you could be eligible for financial compensation. A knowledgeable attorney at Chad Jones Law could help you hold the at-fault driver accountable for their actions through an injury claim.  Call our office today to go over the facts of your case and learn more about what options are available to you. Our dedicated legal team is ready to help.