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Severe burn injuries can cause life-altering consequences, such as disfigurement, nerve damage, and mobility problems. As a result, these injuries can be costly. If your burn injuries were the cause of someone’s negligent actions, you should not have to take on these expenses without proper compensation. Speak with a College Station burn injury lawyer at Chad Jones Law who could help you pursue damages from the at-fault party.

Our experienced catastrophic injury attorneys understand the life-changing effects that these types of losses can impose. Our team could handle everything legal-related so you do not have to worry about filing documents, interviewing witnesses, watching security footage, and gathering other evidence. Our goal is to help you with any legal challenges you may be facing so you can focus on your physical recovery.

What are the Types of Burns?

The losses someone suffers due to a burn injury may differ depending on its severity. First-degree burns are the least severe and usually do not facilitate legal action unless they are one of several injuries a person has sustained. These burns are superficial, affecting the outermost skin layer only. These injuries often result in swelling, pain, redness, and white skin. Second-degree burns damage the second skin layer of the skin, and may result in swelling, serious pain, and blistering. These burns generally require medical care due to the risk of infection.

Third-degree burns, or partial-thickness burns, affect the first two skin layers and the fat underneath. Symptoms include white, thick, leathery skin. Medical care for third-degree burns may involve skin grafts to cover the affected tissue and prevent infection. Fourth-degree, or full-thickness, burns damage all layers of the skin, fat, muscle, and bone. They are not as painful since they injure surrounding nerves, but require immediate medical care due to the harm they inflict. A lawyer in College Station could determine if someone has legal standing to file a claim for compensation depending on the severity of their burn injury.

Causes of Burn Injuries

While most individuals sustain burns through fire and other heat-related causes, others may suffer chemical, electric, or radiation burns. Thermal burns occur from contact with fire, such as a worksite explosion or building fire. These injuries are also caused by scalding water, such as hot steam or liquid coming from a faulty pipe or overheated appliance. They can also happen when skin touches a hot object, such as soldering equipment, metal pipes, cooking equipment, and engines.

Chemical burns occur when an individual makes contact with materials and liquids such as battery acid, concrete mix, household cleaners like bleach and chlorine, and some metals or minerals, such as lime. Electrical burns may happen when someone is using defective equipment like power tools and electronic devices, cracked or worn extension cords, touching non-grounded energized equipment, and touching poorly insulated or downed power lines. Contact with frayed electrical wiring can cause burns as well.

Burn injuries can happen at any time, whether the individual is at home or work. Utility workers, tree service employees, and construction workers are among those with the greatest electrocution risk, while individuals who work in industrial plants with hazardous chemicals risk these types of burns. An attorney in College Station could help someone determine how to best pursue their case based on the cause of their burn injury.

Damages in Serious Burn Cases

If an attorney can prove negligence or intentional actions on the defendant’s part, the claimant may be able to seek damages for both economic and non-economic losses. Economic damages may cover for past and future medical expenses, lost income, disability, and lost earning capacity if a person is no longer able to work in the occupation they were in before the accident. The non-economic damages someone could recover for include disfigurement and scarring, emotional distress,  pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. A College Station lawyer could help someone obtain all damages which they may be entitled to after suffering a burn injury.

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The severity of burn injuries cannot be overstated. If you suffered this type of harm as a result of someone’s negligence, speak with a College Station burn injury lawyer as soon as possible. Our team is here to help you navigate your case and get you the compensation you need to fully recover. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.