Motorcycle Defects and Recalls in College Station

Motorcycle accidents often leave riders with life-threatening or fatal injuries, and the lack of protection usually causes them to be more severe than passenger car crashes. Riders must operate their bikes safely and ensure they know of any safety recalls for defective parts to help keep themselves safe and avoid preventable accidents.

Unfortunately, when motorcycle manufacturers fail to meet their legal obligations, crashes caused by defects are out of the rider’s hands. Schedule an appointment with an attorney who is knowledgeable about motorcycle defects and recalls in College Station for more information.

The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act

Manufacturers often issue recalls after incidents, leading to the discovery of dangerous and defective parts. When producers fail to warn the public of potential hazards, the court could require them to cover the damages and losses.

According to information from data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), safety defects pose severe risks for motorists, including motorcycle operators, and are a serious safety concern. Therefore, filing complaints upon learning of defective parts is crucial. The federal government enacted the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act to decrease traffic accidents and give the agency authority to monitor risks and ensure manufacturers build safe products or issue recalls when necessary.

The NHTSA alerts the public about safety problems and monitors recalls. Unfortunately, car and motorcycle defects comprise many factory recalls countrywide, affecting College Station drivers and bikers. Imperfections such as brake or steering problems can cause motorcycle riders to lose control of the bike, leading to life-threatening injuries or death.

Common Motorcycle Part Defects and Recalls

Producers must manufacture safe motorcycles and ensure they do not place riders at unnecessary risk of accidents. Injured riders have the legal right to hold them accountable when they fail to meet their legal obligations. Typical motorcycle part defects and recalls include the following:

  • The frame of the bike
  • Defective engines
  • Brake defects
  • Handlebar deficiencies
  • Gas tank issues
  • Defective wheels and tires

An attorney who is experienced with motorcycle recalls and defects in College Station could answer specific questions after a review of the case.

Product Liability Action for Motorcycle Part Defects

When a motorcycle defect leads to damages, the rider may have the legal right to hold the motor vehicle builder financially accountable. Per the guidance of Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code ยง 82.001, a product liability action is a civil lawsuit to recover damages from the manufacturer or seller after a defect causes accidents leading to grave bodily harm. A claimant may file a case based on negligence, strict liability, or defective and misleading warning labels.

Most avid motorcycle riders know they must maintain their bikes to keep themselves safe while traveling on roads and highways. However, the failure of a negligent manufacturer to alert the public about safety concerns could put even the safest riders at severe risk of physical, psychological, and financial losses. A seasoned attorney in College Station could investigate to determine if a motorcycle recall or defect could lead to a civil claim for compensation.

Meet With a College Station Attorney About Motorcycle Defects and Recalls

You could be eligible for an award to cover damages if you or a family member suffered injuries and losses because of a motorcycle defect. Motorcycle riders are at higher risk of life-threatening and fatal injuries in the best circumstances. Therefore, bike manufacturers must ensure they produce products that meet industry safety standards, issue recalls when necessary, or pay for the adverse consequences. Schedule a meeting with a practiced attorney for help with a case involving accidents caused by motorcycle defects and recalls in College Station.