College Station Negligent Security Lawyer

Property owners and businesses are responsible for making their homes and businesses safe for visitors and guests. They have a duty to regularly inspect and care for their properties by looking for hazardous conditions that could lead to injury. Part of that duty involves maintaining adequate security.

If you suffered an injury because a homeowner or business owner had inadequate security, you might be eligible to file suit against them. An experienced College Station negligent security lawyer could evaluate the situation and help you seek damages from the negligent homeowner. Chad Jones Law has a dedicated premises liability attorney who could help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Examples of Negligent Security in College Station

If a person suffers an injury due to a violent crime on another person’s property, they could file a civil suit against the perpetrator for damages. In some cases, they could also file a civil claim against the owner of the property where the crime took place. Property owners could face civil suits for assaults, thefts, kidnappings, rapes, and murders committed at their homes or places of business.

A successful legal claim is one that proves that the landowner’s failure to install adequate security contributed to the claimant’s injury. Some examples of negligent security are as follows:

  • Lack of adequate lighting
  • Broken or inactive security cameras
  • Damaged or defective locks that allow outsiders to enter the premises easily
  • Inexperienced or untrained security staff
  • Lack of panic buttons or emergency call boxes where appropriate
  • Lack of no trespassing or warning signs

A seasoned local attorney could assess the legal adequacy of a property’s security measures. They could evaluate the steps the owner took to keep crime off their property. They could determine whether the landowner’s actions are consistent with the steps that a reasonable landowner would have taken under similar circumstances.

Where Negligent Security Could Lead to Injuries

Negligent security can lead to a crime in all types of commercial and residential properties.

  • A store owner could be legally responsible for a customer’s injuries from a violent crime if the store had inadequate lighting in its parking lot.
  • A residential landlord could be liable if a criminal broke into a claimant’s apartment due to defective or ineffective locks on its doors.
  • A college with too few accessible blue panic boxes could be at fault for a student’s injuries
  • A university could also be liable if they did not warn students about a possible threat on campus.
  • A bar owner could face civil liability if a criminal attacked their employee during a brawl and the bar was inadequately staffed with well-trained bouncers.
  • A restaurant owner could be liable if an employee suffered an attack while bringing out the trash because the back entrance of the restaurant had no fencing or gates to keep out trespassers.

A dedicated team of hardworking negligent security attorneys in College Station has helped plaintiffs investigate numerous examples of inadequate security and is ready to help someone in need.

Let a College Station Negligent Security Attorney Assist You

Property owners need to take sufficient measures to protect their visitors, customers, and guests. If a landowner’s failure to secure their property resulted in injury to you or your loved one, you deserve help.

You should work with an experienced College Station negligent security lawyer from Chad Jones Law. They could thoroughly investigate the circumstances of the incident, evaluate your injuries and losses, and then negotiate to get you and your family the best possible settlement. Contact us to begin working with a strong legal team right away.