College Station Slip and Fall Lawyer

While most slips only result in minor bruising, some can result in serious injury. If you recently sustained devastating injuries in a fall while visiting someone’s home or business, you might be eligible to recoup some of your financial losses. A College Station slip and fall lawyer could help you seek recovery in a personal injury suit against the homeowner or business owner.

Places Where Serious Falls Frequently Occur

Dangerous falls can occur in both residential and commercial settings. Serious injuries can arise out of falls at a neighbor’s house, supermarkets, restaurants, shopping malls, construction sites, hospitals, and nursing homes.

People may trip due to uneven, cluttered, or slippery floors, such as when a person falls after slipping on a freshly mopped grocery store floor. Falls also occur when people trip over uneven surfaces, like bunched up or damaged rugs, or broken tiles. People also can suffer serious harm when they trip over clutter or debris in aisles or walkways, such as when someone trips over a child’s toy left on the floor at a friend’s house.

Additionally, people may fall when they encounter uneven sidewalks or damaged driveways or parking lots with potholes. Broken staircases, missing guardrails, or defective entryways may also leave people vulnerable to a serious slip and fall incident. Uncleared ice and snow also pose considerable risks. Our team of skilled College Station attorneys has a proven track record of success pursuing cases involving slip and falls occurring in a wide variety of circumstances.

How Slip and Fall Claims Work in the College Station Area

Slip and fall claims fall under premises liability. Therefore, to be successful in this type of case, an injured claimant must prove that they suffered an injury at another person’s home or business because the property owner did not properly maintain the premises. An injured claimant also must demonstrate that the property owner was so negligent in their upkeep of the property that they allowed an unsafe condition to develop, which caused the injured claimant to trip and fall. Property owners have a duty to inspect and maintain their property to ensure that there are no hazards that could hurt an unsuspecting visitor or customer. If they are aware of any hazards that might lead to a serious slip and fall incident, they must warn visitors of this risk. For example, if a landlord is aware of a large pothole in their parking lot, they need to notify their tenants. Even if that landlord had no actual knowledge of the pothole, a state court could still hold that landlord responsible for any injuries resulting from that pothole under a theory of constructive knowledge. A court could deem the landlord liable if the injured tenant can demonstrate that a landlord would have known about the pothole through reasonable property inspection and upkeep and should have taken preventive action to remove it or warn tenants of the possible risk.

Our College Station attorneys have extensive experience investigating slip and fall claims. They know where to look to find the right evidence, and they know the right questions to ask of witnesses.

Let a College Station Slip and Fall Attorney Help You

After experiencing a serious fall, you may be facing extensive physical, emotional, and financial repercussions. A College Station slip and fall lawyer has the right experience to help you navigate through the complex legal process. Let our team take charge of your legal case while you work on your physical recovery. Call today.