Insurance Claims Following a Truck Accident in College Station

After any sort of crash, you’ll quickly learn that the insurance companies aren’t on your side. That’s often true if your wreck involves a commercial truck. Truck accidents are high-stakes cases for insurance companies because the injuries sustained are often severe and the policy limits are very high. And they have plenty of opportunities to cut their own liability – at your expense.

That’s not justice. That’s why our truck wreck attorneys work tirelessly at Chad Jones Law, P.C. We can stand up to insurance companies on your behalf. They don’t intimidate us. Our legal team can protect your rights and handle the insurance claims following a truck accident in College Station.

What To Know About Insurance Claims Following a Truck Accident

In any case, there can be multiple insurance companies involved. A claimant will probably deal with their own insurance, but there still may be confusion over what insurance claims to file and for whom. If the wreck involved a tractor-trailer, the cab and the trailer have separate insurance policies. Remember that accepting an offer from one insurance company may affect others’ liability as well. This is why a claimant should contact an experienced attorney right away to review any offer before they take money from the insurance company.

Additionally, it is important to remember that claimants do not have to directly communicate with any insurance company. As with any crash, an injured party in College Station should notify their insurance company promptly after a truck accident so that they can begin processing the claim, but they certainly do not have to speak with the trucking company’s insurance. If someone chooses to retain our team, we can contact the trucking company and their insurance carrier to let them know an attorney has been hired. From that point forward, they can direct further inquiries to our office so that we can protect our clients’ rights and interests.

Do not give a recorded statement to anyone. Remember, anything that a claimant says to the insurance company can be used against them. A recording can be edited, cut or taken out of context. If a statement to the trucking company or their insurance company is necessary, we strongly recommend to come to our office and sit down with one of our attorneys to prepare a written statement. That way, a client can take their time and make sure the statement accurately reflects their side of the story.

Trucking companies and their insurance carriers often act fast in the aftermath of a truck wreck. They’ll dispatch rapid response teams to the accident scene and start gathering evidence to build their case against the injured party. The sooner someone has us on their side, the better the outcome is likely to be because we can take legal action to counter the steps taken by the insurance company.

Contact a College Station Attorney About Insurance Claims Following a Truck Accident

When you’re dealing with claims adjusters and insurance red tape after a truck wreck, you deserve a level playing field. That’s where we come in. We can take immediate legal action to protect your rights and demand evidence to try to build a strong case. We’re not afraid to take on insurance companies in negotiations or in court, and we’re prepared to fight for you. For help with insurance claims following a truck accident in College Station, call our office today.