College Station Underride Accident Lawyer

It’s common knowledge that truck accidents can cause devastating injuries and damage. The sheer size of the vehicles means a smaller passenger car can be crushed. The truck could suffer a rollover incident, injuring its occupants and putting other drivers at risk. Underride accidents can be catastrophic and deadly, given the relative heights of the vehicles involved. These accidents occur when a car crashes against the rear or side of the trunk in front of it. This can happen in many circumstances, such as when a truck makes a sudden stop or the driver is intoxicated or sleep-deprived.

Sometimes, during a wreck, part of the truck enters the passenger’s car through the windshield or windows. Underride accidents can cause severe injuries. The victims and their loved ones are left searching for answers. In the meantime, medical bills can pile up and time off from work results in lost wages. In the case where the victim provides the main income for their family, these hardships can cripple them.

Multiple Insurance Companies May Be Involved

Truck accidents can easily become complicated, as there are multiple insurance companies involved with high stakes for all. However, the right legal representation can see your case through from start to finish while you focus on your recovery.

Causes of Underride Accidents

The height difference between passenger cars and trucks means that it doesn’t take much more than speed and a wrong spin of the wheel to cause an underride accident. Multiple factors contribute directly to this type of collision and the tragic injuries that follow.

Throughout various times of the day, the sun can obstruct the vision of the truck driver, which can become very dangerous if the truck is carrying a large load or in the middle of turning.
Trucks cannot accelerate quickly, especially when changing lanes. They need to gain ample speed and room in order to change lanes safely and successfully. When they merge too slowly, drivers of cars behind them can have difficulty adjusting their speeds, increasing the likelihood of a collision.
Not using turn signals or hazard lights can easily cause an accident in any vehicle, but it is especially dangerous when operating a truck. Shifting speeds, merging, or making moves that require wide turns can cause a collision due to this sort of reckless driving.

You Deserve A Free Consultation

The tragedy of an underride accident is enough to devastate anyone involved. If you were the victim of an underride accident, you need time to heal and recover. Your recovery time shouldn’t have to involve agonizing over legal paperwork when you are trying to regain damages from your wallet and your life. When these accidents occur, there may be several parties that are responsible for compensation. The driver, their employer’s insurance company, and/or the specific cargo’s insurance company may be liable. That’s where we come in.