College Station Falling Objects Injury Lawyer

A falling object striking an employee can quickly result in life-changing injuries. In most cases, falling objects result from the negligence of one or more parties, including employers and fellow employees.

When a falling object harms you because of the recklessness or carelessness of another party, you could be eligible for financial compensation. A College Station falling objects injury lawyer could help you file a claim and hold the responsible parties accountable for your losses. Get in touch with a workers’ compensation attorney today to learn more.

Common Injuries Associated with Falling Objects

The severity of injuries caused by falling objects varies, although most cases are serious due to the force created by the falling object’s acceleration and speed. Many falling objects, including heavy machinery and scaffolding, are often large, unsteady, and extremely heavy. Some of the most common injuries caused by falling objects include:

It is also common for heavy objects to crush fingers or limbs. In some situations, these types of injuries might require medical amputation.

Many of the injuries associated with falling objects have lingering effects that may impact a worker for an extended time or even permanently. Anyone who was injured by a falling object is well-advised to speak with an attorney in College Station who could assess the case and determine which losses might be recoverable.

Common Causes of Falling Objects in College Station

Falling objects typically result from some level of negligence. Items may be stacked too high, placed on unstable platforms, or result from some form of triggering event such as a workplace accident. In many cases, these incidents are caused by improper or insufficient training.

Construction, roofing, trucking, electrical work, and farming are a few fields where falling object injuries often occur. While employers should always ensure a safe workplace for employees, this is unfortunately not always the case. When the negligent actions of employers or other parties in College Station lead to a falling object accident, the injured party could hold them responsible through a third-party injury claim.

What Compensation Is Available for Falling Object Injuries?

Filing a third-party or non-subscriber personal injury claim allows an employee injured by a falling object to seek payments for their losses. By proving that an employer or third-party’s negligence is the cause of the falling item injury, an injured party may seek compensation for their lost wages, loss of earning capacity, medical bills, rehabilitation costs, mental and emotional suffering, and physical pain.

It is essential to get in touch with a falling objects injury attorney as soon as possible after an accident in College Station. Certain legal deadlines apply to these cases, so retaining legal counsel early on gives an attorney time to gather evidence, speak with witnesses, and construct a comprehensive claim.

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An unsuspecting worker who sustains an injury from a falling object is often left with extensive injuries, medical bills, and little recourse without litigation. If you are in this situation, understand that you have options for legal recourse. A College Station falling objects injury lawyer could help you hold the negligent party responsible for their actions and pursue the payments that you need to make things right.

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