College Station Workplace Back Injury Lawyer

Back injuries can be extremely persistent and make simple tasks impossible. Some back injuries may leave you with immense medical bills and long-term rehabilitation.

If you suffered a back injury on the job, you could have a viable injury claim. Back injury claims can be difficult to prove, as sometimes injuries are not immediately noticeable and may seem healed until re-injury occurs. Because of this, it is crucial to work with an attorney who has experience handing cases like these. A skilled College Station workplace back injury lawyer could assess your case and work with you to pursue the payments that you need to make things right.

Common Causes of Back Injuries At Work

The likelihood of back injury directly correlates with the physical demands of a worker’s job. As a worker becomes fatigued or performs functions of their employment that exceed their physical capacity, the capacity of that worker’s muscles is reduced. In many cases, muscle fatigue and failure lead to overexertion injuries, including back injuries.

While lifting heavy objects alone can place significant stress on a worker’s neck and back, there may be contributing factors as well. For example, when an employer does not provide sufficient training, workers tend to employ improper lifting techniques. Using improper lifting techniques can excessively strain the back, hips, and knees.

Back injuries can also result from a lack of ergonomics in the workplace, meaning that a task or environment does not correctly account for the worker’s needs or physical capacity. When back injuries can be traced back to the negligence of an employer or another party, a legal claim for compensation could be made. A College Station attorney could help an individual determine whether their workplace back injury stems from the negligence of another party.

Pursuing a Third-Party Claim for a Workplace Back Injury

Direct claims against employers for workplace-related injuries generally fall under workers’ compensation claims. In College Station, workers’ compensation claims can help cover some of a worker’s lost wages and their medical bills, but not much else. Additionally, College Station employers may opt not to obtain workers’ compensation insurance coverage at all under the Texas Labor Code § 406.002, which would leave injured employees unable to file a workers’ comp claim.

Fortunately, a lack of workers’ compensation coverage does not mean a lack of recovery options for an injured worker. A non-subscriber or third-party claim allows an injured party to recover additional damages not typically found in a workers’ compensation policy. This type of claim requires the worker to prove negligence by the employer or another party, which a College Station workplace back injury attorney could assist with.

Damages For Work-Related Back Injuries

Third-party and non-subscriber claims expand coverage to include not only financial costs of an injury, but also the detriment to a worker’s well-being and the impact of the injury on their life. Some examples of compensation include:

  • Injury-related medical costs
  • Lost wages and loss of future income
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional suffering

Additional forms of compensation may be available based on the type of back injury and the lingering effect on the injured party’s life and livelihood. A College Station lawyer could help an individual calculate their losses after a workplace back injury and pursue compensation accordingly.

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