Chad Jones Law’s Gas Card Giveaway

As the world continues to navigate a complex web of economic challenges, the cost of everyday essentials remains a concern for many individuals and families. One significant contributor to these concerns is the rollercoaster of gas prices, which can strain budgets and impact daily routines. Recognizing the burden of high gas prices on the community, Chad Jones Law has joined forces with local television stations KMID ABC Big 2, KPEJ Fox 24, and KRW Law to alleviate some of the pressure through a generous gas card giveaway.

From August 7th to October 5th, Chad Jones Law, along with KMID ABC Big 2, KPEJ Fox 24, and KRW Law, will be giving away one $50 gas card every Thursday. The giveaway will be announced during the Good Morning Basin newscast on KMID ABC BIG 2 (M M-F, 5am to 7am) and KPEJ FOX 24 (M M-F, 7am to 8am). Click here to enter the giveaway.

At Chad Jones Law, we are proud to demonstrate a commitment to the local community and highlight the importance of empathy and support. Reach out to our firm with any questions regarding the giveaway or for help with a legal matter.