Lubbock Bus Accident Lawyer

Bus collisions are often highly dangerous due to the sheer size and unprotected nature of these vehicles. Bus riders often do not have the same safety protections as those riding in passenger cars, leading to severe injuries.

If a negligent bus driver or transportation company caused you or someone you love to sustain injuries, reach out to a seasoned injury attorney at Chad Jones Law. A Lubbock bus accident lawyer could help you hold the at-fault party responsible and pursue the compensation you deserve.

Common Causes of Bus Collisions

Buses serve a multitude of purposes, and bus crashes can vary greatly in nature. Some of the common causes for bus accidents include:

  • Speeding and reckless vehicle or bus drivers
  • Distracted bus or vehicle drivers
  • Poorly maintained busses
  • Aggressive vehicle and bus drivers
  • Poor weather conditions
  • Bus driver fatigue
  • Defective bus parts

Each of these types of crashes can cause serious injuries to passengers as well as pedestrians, drivers, and other motorists. Those who sustain injuries in a bus accident could have a case for an injury claim. An experienced Lubbock attorney could thoroughly investigate the accident and collect the evidence needed to prove liability in a bus wreck case.

Proving Liability After a Lubbock Bus Wreck

There are several parties who could be liable in a bus accident case. While negligent drivers are often responsible for crashes, it is also possible for an employer to be held responsible. Employers are accountable for the actions of their employees when they are working under the scope of their employment, so they could be found liable if a driver causes an accident while they are working.

To prove liability in a civil case, the plaintiff must demonstrate several things to the civil court. A plaintiff will need to establish that the defendant owed them a duty of care, breached the duty, and caused injuries as a result. The injured party will also need to prove they suffered damages and losses as physical injuries, emotional distress, loss of wages, or any out-of-pocket expenses related to the accident. A skilled bus crash attorney could use evidence from the accident as well as medical bills, pay stubs, and other documentation to establish the extent of a plaintiff’s injuries.

Duties and Responsibilities of Common Carriers

A “common carrier” is any person or business that transports passengers in exchange for payment. Public, private, and school buses are all considered common carriers. Texas Transportation Code 5.001 codifies the responsibilities of common carriers under state law.

A common carrier must exercise a high level of care at all times to prevent any foreseeable risks or accidents. When a common carrier fails to exercise this level of care and causes an accident, they are considered to be negligent.

Common Carriers and Vicarious Liability

Common carriers are held to a standard of vicarious liability, meaning that a transportation company or other third-party company can be held responsible for a driver or bus manufacturer’s negligence. The transportation company also carries a portion of their responsibility in the accident. A knowledgeable attorney could hold a transportation company responsible for its part in causing a bus collision.

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Bus crashes can leave you with serious injuries, significant medical bills, and more. If you were harmed in a bus wreck, you deserve fair compensation. A skilled Lubbock bus accident lawyer could help you recoup what you have lost after a crash.

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