Lubbock Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

The human brain is a complex organ. Every bodily function is controlled by the brain, so when it is damaged, the impacts can be catastrophic and permanent. When a brain injury is the result of someone’s negligence or wrongdoing, the aftermath can be even more distressing.

If you sustained a severe brain injury due to another party’s actions, it is vital that you know your legal rights to recover compensation. An experienced Lubbock traumatic brain injury lawyer could help you hold the at-fault party responsible while you focus on your recovery. Contact an attorney at Chad Jones Law to get started on your case.

Common Causes of Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can result from numerous types of accidents. The nature of an accident could impact the severity of the injury as well as the recoverable compensation.


Unintentional falls are the leading cause of accidents that lead to traumatic brain injuries. Slips and falls can occur when a person falls down the stairs, from a ladder, or in a bathtub or shower.

Car Crashes

Vehicle wrecks can cause significant strain to the head and neck. Whiplash, an injury caused by extreme back-and-forth movement of the neck, often goes hand-in-hand with brain injuries in a car collision.

Violence or Assault

Domestic violence, violent fights, and child abuse can also result in traumatic brain injuries such as concussions.

Sports-Related Injuries

Children and adults participating in sports activities commonly suffer from head injuries. Among the sports where players most often sustain TBIs are hockey, football, skateboarding, and any extreme or high-impact sports.

After an injury to the head, it is critical to seek medical attention right away. Failing to get treatment could limit an individual’s ability to prove the extent of their losses in an injury claim. A skilled lawyer could also obtain relevant records from medical professionals for use in a TBI compensation claim.

Recoverable Damages in a TBI Case

Traumatic brain injuries are often permanent, debilitating, and require lifelong medical care and follow-up treatment. The economic expenses for these injuries are usually vast, and a TBI often will have dire financial consequences on the injured party. These monetary losses could be factored into an injured party’s economic damages award.

An individual could also pursue non-economic damages in a TBI case. Pain and suffering could be factored into a non-economic damages award.

In order to seek monetary damages in a head injury case, the injured party will need to prove that the at-fault party acted negligently. A skilled attorney could use evidence from the accident to establish the negligent party’s liability in a traumatic brain injury case.

Do Not Wait to Take Legal Action

Under the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003, the injured party in a TBI case has two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit with the civil court. It is always best to file the claim as soon as possible after the accident, since failing to meet the legal deadline can prevent an individual from recovering any compensation at all. An injury attorney in Lubbock could ensure that all necessary paperwork is filed and deadlines met in a TBI claim.

Meet with a Lubbock Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

When you sustain a TBI, you have not only the physical and emotional trauma to come to terms with, but also the devastating financial impact of the injury. Medical expenses, time off work, and the possibility of lifelong care can quickly become overwhelming.

If negligent behavior caused a TBI for you or someone you love, contact an experienced Lubbock traumatic brain injury lawyer right away. Our team at Chad Jones Law could help you build your case and hold the at-fault party accountable for their actions. Call today to learn more about your compensation options in a TBI case.