Lubbock Child Injury Lawyer

Following a personal injury, children in Lubbock have the same legal rights as adults to demand compensation for their losses. However, this notion conflicts with the idea that children cannot enter contracts or initiate lawsuits. In fact, state law does not even allow parents to settle lawsuits on behalf of their children under certain circumstances. Even so, this should not discourage the parents of injured children from pursuing personal injury cases on behalf of their kids. The costs of medical care may be extreme, and the resulting injuries can impact a child’s quality of life, education, and long-term health.

When your child has suffered harm after an accident or malicious act, a Lubbock child injury lawyer may be able to help. Allow a dedicated legal professional from Chad Jones Law to explain your child’s rights, investigate the incident that led to the injury, and adhere to the special rules that control the rights of children to collect compensation for their losses.

Children Deserve Fair Compensation for their Losses

The law in Lubbock says that people or companies that cause injuries to others have an obligation to provide fair recompense. Showing that another party was responsible for an incident is the first part of collecting these payments. The law creates a duty in many situations that parties are obliged to follow. This includes:

These protections apply to all people regardless of their age. As a result, a child who suffers harm because of the actions of another has the same right to seek out compensation. This can include money for the payment of medical bills, compensation for emotional traumas, and other ways in which the incident has impacted their lives. A skilled Lubbock child injury attorney could take the lead to investigate the ways in which others have caused harm to a child and to seek out appropriate payments.

Special Rules for Child Injury Settlements

From a legal perspective, most personal injury cases are straightforward. An individual suffers an injury and attempts to collect compensation for their losses. However, an injured person’s status as a child complicates the situation. Children cannot directly represent themselves in lawsuits or insurance claims. In addition, they cannot accept funds as compensation on their own.

Instead, the Texas Rule of Civil Procedure § 173 outlines how parents may act on behalf of their children and when special legal representation is necessary for a child. Under the statute, a court may appoint a Guardian ad Litem to represent the child’s interests during the case. While it is likely that the interests of children and their parents will align, the goal of the Guardian is to ensure this is the case. A Lubbock child injury attorney could provide more information about these rules and submit all proposed settlements to the court for approval.

Reach Out to a Lubbock Child Injury Attorney Today

Children who suffer injuries because of the actions of others have a right to collect compensation for their losses. In many cases, these payments will go to their parents, who can then use that money to cover medical bills and other damages. Even so, it is important to remember that a court must approve all settlements involving children and may require the presence of a Guardian ad Litem to protect the child’s rights.

A Lubbock child injury lawyer could help parents to navigate the complex questions that often arise when a kid is hurt. They could work to prove that another party was responsible for the injury while providing guidance concerning the special rules that govern the ability of children to collect compensation for their losses. Contact Chad Jones Law today to learn more.