Lubbock Premises Liability Lawyer

When you suffer an injury on another party’s property, the law of premises liability might come into play. Corporations and property owners could be liable for any losses someone suffers due to their failure to maintain safe conditions.

If you were injured on someone else’s property, it is wise to consult a Lubbock premises liability lawyer right away. A skilled attorney at Chad Jones Law could assess your situation and pursue compensation on your behalf.

Landowner Responsibility Depends on a Visitor’s Intent

One of the complexities of premises liability law is that property owners and operators have a higher duty to some individuals than others. Business customers have the greatest right to expect safe premises, followed by social guests. A property owner’s duty owed to uninvited guests is minimal.


People who are invited onto premises for business reasons are invitees. The property owner is obligated to regularly inspect for hazards, repair them as soon as possible, and post warnings until repairs are complete. An invitee is entitled to compensation if they sustain an injury because of a hazard that the owner/operator should have known about, repaired, or warned about.


Social guests are called licensees under premises liability law. The owner or occupier of a property must warn their guests about risks they know about, but there is no obligation for them to inspect for hazards or repair them. In addition, there is no duty to warn if a hazard is open and obvious, and a guest using reasonable care could observe and avoid it.

Trespassers and the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine

Trespassers usually have no claim against a property owner or occupier if they sustain injuries while on the property without permission. However, Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §75.007(c) makes property owners and occupiers liable if a child trespasser is injured under certain circumstances. This law codifies a concept called the attractive nuisance doctrine.

If there is an artificial condition, such as a pool, on the land that would pique a child’s curiosity, and the owner/occupier knows that children might enter, they have a duty to take steps to deter children from accessing the hazard. Failing to do so could subject them to liability for a young trespasser’s injuries. An attorney at Chad Jones Law could advise a family about whether this provision might offer them a way to claim damages for their child’s injuries sustained on dangerous property in Lubbock.

Common Dangerous Property Cases

There are innumerable hazards that might injure a person who enters another’s property. Common examples of incidents that might result in a premises liability claim include:

  • Falls due to slippery floors in a market or restaurant
  • Attacks by domestic animals
  • Elevator or escalator accidents
  • Assaults in public spaces like parking lots, stairwells, and locker rooms
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Fires, scalding, and explosions
  • Mishaps at public pools or pools open to members or paying guests, including falls on a pool deck, hot tub or spa injuries, diving accidents, drowning and near-drowning
  • Injuries at amusement parks or recreational areas

These are a few of many accidents and injuries that could give rise to a premises liability claim. A knowledgeable Lubbock injury lawyer could investigate the circumstances surrounding a specific incident to determine whether the property possessor’s negligence contributed to the condition that caused the injury.

Do Not Wait to Consult with a Lubbock Premises Liability Attorney

Everyone has the right to feel safe on public and private property. Unfortunately, property owners do not always take the proper steps to ensure that this is the case. When accidents occur as a result of a landowner’s failure to keep their property safe, victims deserve fair compensation for their losses.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries on a poorly maintained property, a Lubbock premises liability lawyer could identify the responsible parties and hold them accountable for the harm they caused. Call today to schedule a consultation.