Lubbock FELA Lawyer

Working on the railroad can be a dangerous profession. Railroad accidents can cause severe injuries that can profoundly impact the course of your life. Fortunately, you are not without legal options after an accident of this nature. The Federal Employer’s Liability Act, or FELA, provides protection to railroad employees who are injured on the job.

If you are suffering from injuries caused by a railroad workplace accident, reach out to a skilled railroad injury attorney at Chad Jones Law immediately. A Lubbock FELA lawyer could help you obtain the compensation that you need to make things right.

The Nature of Rail Yard Injuries

Railroad workers can sustain harm in many different types of accidents and incidents. Most frequently, rail yard injuries occur as a result of:

  • Collisions between two trains
  • Trains derailing off the tracks
  • Trains hitting a car stopped at a railroad crossing
  • Trains hitting people crossing the tracks
  • Hazards in the rail yard that cause workers to trip and fall
  • Falling from railway platforms or other heights

If a railroad worker suffers an injury, they should reach out to a Lubbock FELA attorney as soon as possible. The attorney could review the details of what happened to them and discuss possible legal avenues of recovery.

FELA Provides Relief to Injured Railroad Workers

Most workers who suffer injuries at their job are eligible to recover benefits under federal and state workers’ compensation statutes. Workers’ compensation claims is that they are no-fault claims, meaning that the injured worker does not need to prove that their employer did anything wrong. In a typical workers’ compensation claim, an injured worker can obtain benefits even if their employer bears no fault for the accident that caused their injury.

Railroad workers are generally exempt from filing workers’ compensation claims. Instead, the Federal Employers’ Liability Act gives injured railroad workers and their families the right to sue the at-fault railroad for their losses. FELA claims differ from typical workers’ comp claims because they are not no-fault and instead involve proving that the railroad was negligent.

Injured railroad workers or their families could file a FELA claim with the help of a Lubbock attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer understands how to follow the precise procedural requirements set forth under federal law and could examine evidence to build a FELA claim.

Railroad Accidents That Could Be Covered Under FELA

Negligence at a rail yard can lead to many different types of accidents. A FELA claim could provide compensation for a wide variety of incidents and injuries.

Conductor Error

When conductors speed or operate while distracted, they could cause a crash. They might not be able to stop or slow down when necessary. Speeding around a tight bend could also cause a train to derail off of its tracks, possibly injuring people on the train and on the ground.

Errors of Other Railroad Employees

Railroad workers on the ground also need to pay close attention to their jobs. If they are distracted or negligent, they could accidentally injure their coworkers or even inadvertently cause a train accident.

Mechanical Errors

Railroad companies need to continually inspect their trains and equipment to check for malfunctions. Problems with trains, signals, tracks, or communication equipment can lead to injuries.

Occupational Injuries and Illnesses

FELA also covers injuries that are caused by occupational tasks. Daily manual labor can put strain on a worker’s body, leading to potentially serious injuries. Railroad work can also expose an individual to toxins that lead to lung disease and other medical conditions. A Lubbock FELA attorney could perform a detailed and thorough investigation to determine the cause of a railroad injury and demonstrate how the railroad company was negligent.

Let a Lubbock FELA Attorney Assist You

At Chad Jones Law, we believe in fighting tirelessly for railroad workers’ rights. If you are suffering from injuries that occurred because of your job as a railroad worker, you might be eligible for federal relief benefits. An experienced member of our legal team could help you pursue compensation for medical bills, lost wages, physical impairment, emotional suffering, and more. Reach out to a Lubbock FELA lawyer today to discuss your claim.