Side-Impact Truck Accidents in Lubbock

Regardless of where they occur or at what speed, traffic accidents that involve one vehicle hitting the side paneling or doors of another often have serious repercussions. Even modern safety features like side airbags cannot completely neutralize the immense forces drivers and passengers may experience in T-bone crashes. When the vehicle T-boning them is a massive tractor-trailer, the outcome is often catastrophic.

Lawsuits and settlement demands built around side-impact truck accidents in Lubbock tend to have extremely high stakes, which means it is crucial to have help from an experienced truck crash attorney. With capable legal counsel from Chad Jones Law on your side, you will be able to more effectively demand the compensation you deserve for the losses you should never have sustained.

Where Do Side-Impact Truck Crashes Commonly Happen?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, side-impact truck accidents in Lubbock and throughout Texas are most common at intersections where two lanes converge perpendicularly. This is typically due to one or more drivers ignoring stop signs or lights or otherwise failing to correctly yield to other traffic. However, side-impact wrecks can also happen at highway speeds if a truck driver fails to check for other cars before merging or changing lanes.

When it comes to filing suit over injuries caused by this type of incident, though, the exact way in which the wreck occurred is not as important as whether it happened due to someone’s “negligence.” In short, holding someone else legally liable for an auto collision of any kind usually requires the person filing suit to prove that a named defendant violated the “duty” all drivers have to act responsibly and lawfully behind the wheel and that this “breach of duty” was the main cause of the crash and their resulting injuries.

How Comparative Fault Could Impact Recovery for a T-Bone Wreck

Someone found at fault for a side-impact truck crash in Lubbock based on “negligence” can be made to pay for every economic and non-economic form of harm the accident has already caused the plaintiff to suffer and will likely cause them to experience months, years, or even decades down the road. Specific damages that are often factored into comprehensive claims include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Vehicle replacement/repair costs
  • Lost work income or working capacity
  • Disability-related costs for things like home/vehicle modifications
  • Emotional anguish and psychological distress

It is important to emphasize that someone who gets T-boned by a truck driver can be found partially liable for their ensuing injuries if they were negligent in some way that contributed to causing the wreck. For example, if a motorist is speeding through an intersection where the trucker who hit them ran a red light, the judge could assign partial responsibility for the crash to the motorist for breaking a rule of the road.

Under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §§ 33.011 through 33.017, courts can assign percentages of “comparative fault” to such plaintiffs and, based on their share of total fault, either reduce the compensation they are eligible to receive or prohibit them from recovering any money at all for that wreck.

Contact a Lubbock Attorney for Assistance After a Side-Impact Truck Accident

Getting sideswiped or T-boned by a semi-truck under any circumstances is always a traumatic experience, and unfortunately, it can sometimes be a life-changing one too. When you are hurt in this type of wreck because a truck driver was irresponsible around you, they should be held financially accountable for the harm their actions have caused you.

Assistance from a seasoned attorney at Chad Jones Law can make a huge difference in your prospects of achieving case success. Call our firm today to discuss a possible claim based on your side-impact truck accident in Lubbock.