Front-End Car Accidents in Midland

Front-end auto wrecks are among the most serious types of car accidents that can occur. A head-on collision usually happens when two vehicles drive in opposite directions and crash into each other. When a car strikes an object like a tree, telephone pole, or road barrier, it is also classified as a head-on collision.

While front-end car accidents in Midland are less common than other kinds of crashes, they are significantly more dangerous and deadly. You should speak to a local car accident attorney about your rights if you sustained injuries or lost a loved one after a head-on collision. Car crash victims and their families can pursue financial damages to cover their medical care, lost wages, property damage, and other related expenses or harm they suffer through a personal injury lawsuit. Do not hesitate to contact our experienced team of lawyers at Chad Jones Law if you have questions or concerns about a potential claim.

Injuries Caused by Head-On Collisions

Injuries associated with front-end crashes are usually more severe than other crashes. When a head-on collision occurs, the force of impact can be devastating, especially when the vehicles are traveling at high speeds. Although any automobile wreck can cause serious and even life-threatening injuries, front-end crashes are serious. Some examples of injuries front-end car accident victims in Midland frequently suffer include:

After suffering injuries in a head-on crash, victims often have costly medical bills to cover and lose income while out of work recovering. However, when someone else’s negligent driving causes a front-end collision, they could be financially and legally responsible for any damage from the crash. A skilled Midland personal injury attorney can work with front-end car accident victims to obtain financial compensation.

Causes of Front-End Crashes in Texas

Front-end crashes cause devastating damage to both the occupants and the cars involved. There are many different reasons a head-on collision might occur. A few common ones include:

  • Distracted driving;
  • Bad weather conditions;
  • Driving under the influence;
  • Failure to follow traffic laws;
  • Improper passing or wrong-way driving.

Although head-on collisions can happen anywhere, they are more common on highways and rural roads in Midland. A front-end crash is almost inevitable when a driver travels on the wrong side of a highway. Moreover, rural roads do not have a median to prevent cars from crossing into oncoming traffic. A head-on wreck is more likely to occur when a road does not have a median. When someone crosses into oncoming traffic at high speed, they can cause a serious collision, no matter what road they are traveling on.

Proving Fault for a Head-On Collision

Depending on what caused the crash, it might be challenging to determine which driver is at fault for the accident. When drivers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving recklessly, distracted by their cell phones, or ignoring traffic laws, they are usually very clearly at fault. In other situations, proving liability may not be so clear-cut. If you suffer injuries in a front-end crash and think someone else is responsible for your damages, contacting a seasoned attorney to assist you with building a claim should be your top priority.

If You Were in a Front-End Crash, Speak to a Midland Car Accident Attorney

Front-end car accidents in Midland can result in devastating injuries. If you were injured in this type of collision, you should seek medical help and consult a knowledgeable legal professional immediately. Speaking to a capable lawyer at Chad Jones Law is in your best interest when someone else is at fault for your injuries. Call today to schedule an initial consultation with a member of our legal team.