Hit and Run Car Accidents in Midland

All car accidents are stressful events. They typically happen without warning and can cause a great deal of inconvenience, injuries, emotional trauma, and financial hardship. This stress and uncertainty is even more overwhelming when the other driver fails to stop and leaves you alone at the scene.

Texas laws require all drivers to stay at the crash site after a collision. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. When your life is impacted by a hit and run car accident in Midland, speak to our skilled local auto crash attorneys to learn more about your legal options. Call Chad Jones Law to get started today.

Hit and Run Car Crash Injuries

Some of the most common injuries people sustain in hit-and-run car crashes in Midland and throughout the state include the following:

Our local attorneys can take the time to understand the ways a crash and its resulting injuries impact a person’s life to build a claim for damages that reflects the full extent of their needs.

Reporting a Hit and Run Auto Collision

Texas drivers must understand local traffic rules and regulations and follow the appropriate procedures to avoid legal trouble after crashes. Texas Transportation Code § 550.026 states that drivers are legally required to report most car accidents immediately, using the quickest form of communication.

While it is an essential step after any automobile accident to report the event, doing so as soon as possible after a hit and run wreck in Midland is incredibly vital. The motorist should call the local police department and provide information about how the collision happened, the other car, and any other details they can give to help the police potentially identify the other driver.

Common Causes of Hit and Run Car Wrecks

Drivers may fail to stop after a crash for many reasons, usually involving legal trouble. Some of the most common reasons that hit-and-run vehicle collisions happen in Midland include the following:

  • The vehicle is stolen
  • Driving after drinking alcohol or taking drugs
  • The motorist does not have a valid driver’s license
  • The driver does not have adequate auto insurance coverage
  • The person driving the vehicle has an outstanding warrant for their arrest

Our local attorneys could examine the details of a Midland hit and run car crash and gain as much evidence as possible that could point us in the driver’s direction. In some instances, we can pull video surveillance from nearby businesses or traffic lights to determine a license plate number. If we are unable to locate the other driver, we can help injured parties navigate their other options for seeking compensation.

Work With Our Team After a Midland Hit and Run Car Accident

Being involved in a car crash with a driver that does not stop is frustrating and can leave you wondering how you will come up with the money to cover expenses related to your injuries and property damage.

After a hit and run car accident in Midland, speak with the team at Chad Jones Law to learn more about your options for collecting the fair settlement amount you deserve.