Midland Road Rage Car Accident Lawyer  

Road rage is a significant problem in Midland and the surrounding areas. The more individuals on the road, the more likely a road rage accident will occur. Another person’s aggressive driving can injure you, your family, or even other passengers.

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Common Acts of Road Rage

A driver experiencing road rage may engage in several reckless, harmful acts fueled by aggression. Some of the common acts related to road rage include:

  • Tailgating to pressure other drivers off the road or to go faster
  • Racing or revving the engine
  • Slowing down in front of a car to block them
  • Turning the high beam headlights on to bother other drivers
  • Driving outside of lane lines purposely
  • Changing lanes suddenly and without signaling
  • Recklessly hitting another vehicle

These and countless other aggressive acts could lead to a serious car wreck. When dealing with injuries from a road rage accident, it is best to reach out to a local attorney to file a case and seek monetary damages.

How to Minimize Road Rage Accidents

There are certain steps drivers can take to help diffuse road rage and prevent an accident from occurring. These actions may help avoid further injury or damage to a vehicle:

  • Follow all traffic laws
  • Avoid eye contact with the aggressive driver
  • Remain polite and courteous (even when others are rude)
  • Follow vehicles at a safe distance
  • Use the car horn only to warn or provide notice, not out of anger
  • Move away from the aggressive driver’s vehicle

These tips may help stop or reduce the potential harm a driver may face from a road rage incident. If a collision does occur, retaining a Midland attorney and filing an accident case may be the answer to holding the aggressive driver responsible.

Filing an Aggressive Driving Collision Case in Midland

Once a road rage incident has occurred, the driver should first seek medical treatment. When possible, the injured person should reach out to an attorney to determine whether they have a valid personal injury case. An attorney could initiate the case by filing a complaint—a legal document that lays out the allegations of the claim.

The complaint must be filed within the statute of limitations. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 requires most complaints to be filed within two years of the date the accident occurred. Failing to file within this time period could result in the case being dismissed—regardless of whether it would be successful on the merits.

Pursue Your Claim with a Midland Road Rage Car Accident Attorney

Road rage accidents can lead to great harm, and you have the right to file a legal claim against the aggressive driver responsible for your injuries. However, these cases can be difficult to handle without a Midland road rage car accident lawyer by your side.

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