Midland Defective Products Lawyer

From vehicles to food to prescriptions, we all depend on the safety and effectiveness of the items we buy. When a product fails to meet certain standards, it can result in injuries or other financial damages. If you were hurt by a faulty product, you may be entitled to compensation.

The laws surrounding the safety of consumer goods are complex, therefore it is recommended that you contact a Midland defective products lawyer for help when filing this type of claim. A personal injury attorney could determine who to name as the defendant in your case and help you pursue fair compensation.

How Do Product Defects Occur?

The injuries consumers may suffer from defective products can range in severity depending on what was wrong with the item. Dangerous safety defects have been found in vehicles, household appliances, and products for children. In other instances, items for consumption, including foods, beverages, supplements, and even medicines have been shown to cause harm, either immediately or over an extended period of time. Manufacturers and distributors have also been known to misrepresent the items that they sell. False advertising, while it may not carry the same safety risk as other defects, may result in consumers spending money on a product that may be ineffective or, in some cases, dangerous.

Defects can occur during the design or manufacturing process. Design defects occur when the product is created in such a way that it is unsafe, or it does not carry out its intended function. Design defects usually lead to a whole group of goods that are unsafe or defective in some way.

Manufacturing defects occur when the product is made. For example, the factory where the good is made may not have properly calibrated equipment, used the wrong parts or ingredients, or otherwise failed to properly put the product together. If the design is not the problem, then manufacturing defects may be limited to certain batches of goods. A Midland lawyer could investigate on a claimant’s behalf to determine who is financially responsible in a defective product lawsuit.

Texas Product Liability Law

Texas Revised Civil Statutes Annotated §§ 82.001-82.008 covers state product liability laws, including:

  • Defining who is responsible for defective products
  • Financial compensation available to people injured by unsafe goods
  • When a product is considered “inherently unsafe”
  • Design defects
  • Laws related to firearms and ammunition
  • Laws related to medicines
  • How federal regulations might affect defective products claims

In addition, state laws also cover other issues that may affect a defective products lawsuit, such as warranties, if the claim involves asbestos or silica, and deadlines that apply to these claims. Under Tex. Rev. Civ. Stat. Ann. § 16.012(2), those hurt by a faulty product can make claims for personal injuries, wrongful death, economic losses, or other relief. In general, the injured party must be able to demonstrate the following factors:

  • The product that injured them is defective
  • The defect made the product unreasonably unsafe or dangerous
  • The product came to the injured party relatively unchanged
  • The defect caused the party’s injuries or damages

In addition, certain deadlines, called statutes of limitations, apply to product liability claims. Under Tex. Rev. Civ. Stat. Ann. § 16.012, injured parties generally have 15 years from the date of sale to make a products liability claim.

Companies often employ numerous attorneys to help fight against these claims. A defective products lawyer in Midland may be able to help organize an injured person’s claim, including hiring experts to establish the defect, proving it caused the injury, and obtaining necessary evidence to show that the manufacturing company is responsible.

How a Midland Defective Products Attorney Could Help

If you or a family member has been hurt or otherwise suffered damages due to a faulty item, speak with a Midland defective products lawyer. Our legal team could prepare your case and help you pursue compensation for all of your injuries. One of our dedicated attorneys at Chad Jones Law could advocate for you in negotiations and handle any legal complications so you can focus on your physical recovery.