Midland Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

When you transition your elderly loved one into a nursing home, you are trusting the staff to provide proper care and supervision. If they fail to provide this care, you could have grounds to sue the facility.

A Midland nursing home abuse lawyer could help defend your loved one’s rights and hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions. They could handle the complicated aspects of the case, such as gathering evidence and negotiating a settlement.

Your loved one deserves a safe, comfortable environment where they can have a high quality of life. If a nursing home fails to provide that, reach out to the dedicated attorneys at Chad Jones Law right away learn how you could move forward with a legal claim.

Recognizing Nursing Home Mistreatment

There are a few key indicators of elder abuse that family members should watch for when visiting their loved one at a long-term care facility. Among these are:

  • Physical wounds, such as bruises, cuts, burns, and broken bones
  • Malnutrition
  • Poor hygiene

In addition to these signs of neglect, visitors should also note wandering residents, which may indicate a lack of supervision or insufficient staff members. Residents may also complain about their medication, which could imply that they are receiving incorrect prescriptions or dosages.

Visiting relatives should also observe the mood and demeanor of their loved one. If they act timid when they are usually boisterous, seem afraid or unhappy, or voice clear dissatisfaction with the facility, family members should consider looking into the quality of care their loved ones are receiving.

Reasons for Elder Mistreatment in Assisted Living Facilities 

Most of the time, nursing homes do operate with malicious intent. Elder neglect at long-term care facilities often occurs because of understaffing, insufficient supplies, or improper training. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for these facilities to lack the manpower or operating structure to give each resident the quality of care they deserve.

Regardless of whether the neglect or abuse is intentional, it is still illegal. Anyone who suspects abuse in an assisted care facility should reach out to a Midland attorney immediately to begin the process of holding the facility accountable.

Nursing Home Abuse Law in Midland

In Midland, a nursing home employee who suspects an elder may be the victim of abuse or neglect has a responsibility to immediately report the alleged abuse via phone call to Texas Health and Human Services. They must also submit a written report within five days of the phone call. Additionally, staff members must inform local law enforcement if they believe a resident is in danger or if a resident gets injured, needs to be hospitalized, or dies.

Assisted living facilities and workers who fail to comply with these requirements could face criminal charges. Those who suspect their loved one’s nursing home could be abusing or neglecting its residents should contact a local retirement home abuse lawyer right away.

Protect Your Loved One with a Midland Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

No resident or family member should have to endure the effects of nursing home neglect. If you suspect your elderly family member is being mistreated at their assisted living facility, reach out to a Midland nursing home abuse lawyer immediately. An attorney can discuss the legalities of your case and explain your loved one’s rights, including any compensation they could qualify for.

At Chad Jones Law, a legal professional could pursue compensation and justice on behalf of your loved one. Call today for a consultation.