Midland Oil Field Injury Lawyer

Working in an oil field can be a dangerous occupation. Workers are often exposed to hazards, including dangerous chemicals, heavy machinery, and intense weather.

Unfortunately, many oil field workers suffer severe and even fatal injuries each year. If you are dealing with serious losses due to an oil field accident, a seasoned attorney at Chad Jones Law could help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Reach out to a Midland oil field injury lawyer to learn more.

Types of Oil Field Accidents in Midland

Workers in oil fields are commonly in tight spaces using heavy and complex machinery and are around various chemicals. Given these conditions, an accident can lead to life-changing injuries and, in some cases, fatalities. Some of the common causes for oil field injuries include:

Fires and Explosions 

Fires and explosions can be sudden and unexpected when working in an oil field. These explosions can be the result of a well-blowout or a stray spark, among other things. The resulting injuries from an explosion or fire can be fatal.

Machinery and Equipment Malfunction or Lack of Proper Training

There are many types of machinery and equipment necessary to keep the oil industry up and running. Every job out on the oil fields requires that the workers use the equipment and tools daily. Sometimes the equipment malfunctions, or the company owner does not provide the machinery with the proper upkeep. In other cases, workers do not receive the appropriate training. When equipment malfunctions or is used incorrectly, workers can be severely harmed.

Oil Spills

Exposure to large amounts of oil after a spill could lead to many adverse side effects, including dizziness, headaches, and skin and eye problems. The chemicals in oil can also cause issues with the central nervous and respiratory systems.

Common Oil Field Injuries

Oil field accident injuries can range from minor to severe, with some of the most common injuries including:

These severe injuries could leave an individual with medical bills, lost wages, long-term rehabilitation, and more. An injured person could hold an at-fault party liable for these losses, as well as emotional losses like pain and suffering. At-fault parties in an oil field accident could include other workers, product manufacturers, and employers. A knowledgeable attorney could use evidence from the scene as well as witness testimony to establish the at-fault party’s negligence in a Midland oil field injury case.

Deadline to File a Claim

Under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003, the injured party in an oil field accident has two years to file the claim with the civil court. After this two-year period is up, it will be very difficult for an individual to recover any financial compensation for their injuries. It is crucial to reach out to a skilled Midland attorney as soon as possible after an oil field injury to ensure that all legal deadlines are met.

Consult with a Midland Oil Field Injury Lawyer

Oil field accidents can be troubling for the injured party as well as their loved ones. These cases can also be tricky to handle without proper knowledge of the industry. If you sustained an injury in an oil field accident, you need an experienced attorney by your side. Our team at Chad Jones Law has handled numerous cases of this nature, and we are ready to help you get the compensation you need. Contact a Midland oil field injury lawyer today to get started.