Midland Tanker Truck Accident Lawyer

Accident claims involving tanker trucks often make for complicated legal cases. The size of the tanker truck means that a collision could involve multiple vehicles and many parties to the lawsuit. There may even be multiple parties to blame for the accident.

If you were injured in this type of crash, let a Midland tanker truck accident lawyer handle your case and fight for your rights. At Chad Jones Law, a dedicated attorney understands how to investigate these claims and seek the compensation you need to move forward with your life.

Dangers of Tanker Trucks

Like other types of commercial tractor-trailers, tanker trucks can pose a major danger in a crash. Their sheer size and weight make them dangerous on the road, and when this is coupled with their ability to reach high speeds, the force of a collision can be deadly.

Tanker trucks also carry toxic and hazardous substances, which pose additional risks. A major spill can make the road slick, leading to accidents. The substance itself can release dangerous fumes, leak poisonous substances, or cause serious inhalation damage. Other substances may be flammable and could catch fire or even explode.

Pressurized Tankers

Some tankers are pressurized, making them more hazardous to the truck driver and other drivers on the road in the event of a crash. A combination of heat, pressure, or puncture can cause the tank to explode, creating a high risk of catastrophic or fatal injuries. When these types of tanker wrecks occur, victims should consult a dedicated Midland lawyer to see who could be responsible for ensuing damages.

Government Regulations for Tanker Trucks

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration sets forth guidelines to help keep people safe from tank accidents. These rules and regulations apply to hazardous materials carried in tanker trucks, such as:

  • Radioactive materials
  • Flammable liquids
  • Compressed gases
  • Corrosive materials
  • Toxic chemicals

These types of materials must be safely stored and sealed. They must also be appropriately labeled and secured in a way that makes them safe to transport. A knowledgeable attorney at our Midland office could further explain these guidelines and how they may impact a tanker truck accident claim.

Common Causes of Tanker Truck Accidents in Midland

A tanker truck accident could occur for many different reasons. In many cases, it is the driver or their employer who is at fault for a tanker accident. The following are common causes of these types of accidents:

  • Overworked and exhausted drivers
  • Distracted driving by tanker drivers
  • Intoxicated driving
  • Failure to check blind spots
  • Speeding or reckless operation of tanker
  • Failure to signal or follow other traffic laws
  • Running red lights or stops signs

Regardless of the specific cause of a tanker truck crash, injured victims should reach out to local legal counsel at Chad Jones Law to discuss a potential claim for compensation.

Discuss Your Case with a Tanker Truck Accident Attorney in Midland

Whether they are traveling from a refinery or gas station, or driving on the highway to their drop-off point, tanker trucks must be handled carefully to avoid serious collisions. Negligent behavior can lead to severe accidents involving toxic chemical exposure, fires, or explosions.

If you or a loved one suffered harm in an incident involving a tanker, let a skilled attorney investigate your case and advise you on your legal options. Call our firm today to speak with a Midland tanker truck accident lawyer about your situation.