Midland Negligent Security Lawyer

Property owners have a duty to provide protection against all sorts of potential dangers. In many situations, this includes protecting guests against the predations of others. A property owner that allows a violent crime to affect a guest may be jointly liable with the attacker for all resulting harm. This is because of the overarching responsibility of landowners to keep invited guests safe, and a major part of this responsibility is providing proper security.

If you were harmed by crimes that occurred on someone’s property, reach out to a Midland negligent security lawyer. A skilled premises liability attorney at Chad Jones Law could help you hold the negligent property owner accountable and pursue the compensation you deserve.

The Obligations of Property Owners to Prevent Injuries

While landowners must provide protection to guests on their property, the extent of this obligation depends on two factors. The first is whether the guest had permission to be on the land. To obtain compensation from a landowner after a criminal act of violence, the victim needed to have permission to be on the property.

Second, the law evaluates the victim’s reason for being on the land. Under state law, commercial property owners are usually only required to protect guests from accidental harm. Guests on commercial property are classified as “invitees” under the law, and property owners must take reasonable measures to protect invitees from harm.

This includes protecting guests from potential attacks. For instance, a bar or restaurant owner should provide security guards to limit crowd sizes or expel unruly patrons. Similarly, gas stations and parking garages must provide proper lighting to dissuade attackers. Finally, apartment buildings must limit access to common areas to tenants and their immediate guests. An experienced Midland attorney could help parties to better understand why a negligent landowner may be liable for an attack that results from improper security measures.

Proving that Negligent Security was a Contributing Factor to an Injury

Negligent security cases are unique in that the party that causes an injury is not necessarily wholly liable for the event. A landowner may be liable by virtue of nothing more than failing to fix a broken lock, not providing proper lighting, or failing to hire trained staff.

In order to pursue compensation from a landowner, it is necessary to prove that a property owner’s failure to provide protection was the primary cause of the incident. A law in Midland called modified comparative negligence, codified in Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code § 33.001, requires courts to evaluate the actions of all parties involved in an injury, even the victim. This means that a property owner may allege that a victim did not do enough to protect themselves from an attack and, therefore, shares some of the blame for the incident.

If a court apportions more than 50 percent of the fault for the incident to a victim, that victim cannot collect any compensation. A Midland negligent security attorney could gather evidence to demonstrate that a landowner’s failure to provide protection was the reason for an attacker’s actions.

Consult with a Midland Negligent Security Attorney Immediately

Property guests deserve to feel safe, and landowners are legally obligated to provide a reasonable level of security. When an intentional act of violence occurs on someone’s property, the attacker and the landowner could be liable for injuries that result. If you have suffered injuries from a criminal act on a negligent property owner’s premises, you deserve compensation.

A knowledgeable Midland negligent security lawyer could help you establish the liability of a landowner and help you through the legal process of obtaining payments. Schedule a free consultation with a dedicated member of our team today to learn more.