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Railroad workers in Midland and around the country provide a valuable service every day. Unfortunately, railroad work can be dangerous. Even in the 21st century, railroad workers continue to suffer serious injuries.

If you suffered an injury while working as a railroad employee, you could be eligible for compensation under federal law. The Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA) provides legal protections for injured railroad workers and their families and allows them to seek fair compensation for losses caused by a negligent employer. A Midland FELA lawyer could meet with you to discuss the details of your injury and advise you of your legal options. Get in touch with an attorney at our office to learn more.

What is the Federal Employers’ Liability Act?

The Federal Employers’ Liability Act is a federal statute that grants railroad workers the right to recover for injuries that they suffer on the job. FELA also encourages safer practices and safety measures by providing an incentive for railroad companies to reduce or even eliminate the number of injuries that occur.

Because of the Federal Employers’ Liability Act, railroad workers are generally not eligible to file typical workers’ compensation claims. Instead, injured parties can file a FELA claim where they will need to to prove that they suffered an injury as a direct result of the railroad company’s negligence.

Filing these claims can be tricky, so it is critical that injured railroad workers reach out to an attorney with experience in this area. A skilled FELA attorney could help an injured railroad worker in Midland navigate the various complexities of the federal statute in order to recover the benefits that they need to recuperate from their injuries.

Establishing Negligence in a FELA Case

FELA comes into play when a railroad fails to reasonably prevent an employee from being harmed under the scope of their job. When making a FELA claim, the injured party and their attorney will need to prove that:

  • The individual was injured while working within the scope of their job with the railroad;
  • The employee’s job furthered the railroad’s interstate transportation business;
  • The employer acted negligently; and
  • The employer’s negligence led to the employee’s injuries.

Railroads have certain responsibilities to keep their employees safe. This can include warning employees of hazards, providing safe tools and training, enforcing safety rules, and more. Failing to keep a worker safe could leave an employer liable for railroad worker injuries that result. An attorney well-versed in FELA cases could help a railroad worker prove their employer’s negligence.

Possible Recoverable Benefits Under FELA in Midland

Injuries from railroad accidents can be debilitating. Physically, these injuries can cause immense pain and require multiple doctor’s visits, operations, and physical therapy. Survivors of railroad workplace accidents also suffer emotional injuries, such as post-traumatic stress, anger, and depression. They may need to seek treatment to address these emotional and mental symptoms. All of these treatments can be expensive, and railroad injuries frequently cause enormous financial burdens to injured workers and their families.

FELA allows employees to recover benefits that would enable them to pay for their medical bills, treat their injuries, and pay for their rehabilitation costs. Injured railroad workers could also recover benefits to cover their lost wages if their railroad injury prevents them from working. Workers could also seek financial compensation for pain and suffering that resulted from their workplace injuries. A Midland lawyer could assist in determining the extent of a railroad worker’s losses and filing a FELA claim that adequately accounts for these costs.

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