Blind Spot Truck Accidents in Midland

Even with large side mirrors and modern safety features like collision detection systems, there are still areas of low visibility around commercial trucks. In these “blind spots,” truck drivers cannot easily see objects from the driver’s seat. Truckers must thoroughly check their blind spots before turning or switching traffic lanes to prevent severe wrecks. Any truck driver who fails to fulfill this duty may be liable for a resulting crash.

Blind spot truck accidents in Midland can be difficult to recover from, especially without legal counsel. If you were recently injured because of a careless truck driver, talk to an experienced attorney at Chad Jones Law. We could help you obtain the compensation you need for your losses.

Navigating Around a Tractor-Trailer’s Blind Spots

Tractor-trailers have four main blind spots:

  • At least 20 feet in front of the cab’s front bumper
  • At least 30 feet behind the trailer’s rear bumper
  • One full lane of traffic out from the driver’s side door and stretching most of the way down the trailer’s left side
  • Two full lanes of traffic out from the passenger side door and stretching the entire way down and past the end of the trailer’s right side

Truckers who fail to carefully check all their blind spots before making a traffic maneuver have “breached” their legal duty to act responsibly while driving. If a breach directly results in a blind spot crash in Midland, our local attorneys could help hold the trucker accountable through a personal injury lawsuit.

Determining Fault for a Blind Zone Collision

Drivers also have a duty to stay out of other vehicles’ blind spots as much as possible. If someone coasts in a truck’s blind spot too long and ends up colliding with the vehicle, they might be found partially at fault for the wreck. This would lead to a reduction in the total compensation awarded to them.

Those injured in a blind spot trucking crash should discuss liability with the Midland lawyers at our firm. Our legal team could explain the modified comparative fault system followed by Texas civil courts and outlined in Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §33.001 through 33.017.

Deadlines for Truck Crash Claims in Midland

Another possible obstacle to recovery following a blind spot truck wreck is the “statute of limitations” for Texas personal injury lawsuits. Under TX Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code §16.003, most people have up to two years after an accident to begin a personal injury lawsuit. Failing to start the legal process before this deadline expires will almost always lead to a court throwing the case out. Talking to a skilled lawyer as soon as possible after a blind spot wreck is crucial to holding the truck driver accountable and getting fair compensation.

Contact a Midland Attorney for Help with a Blind Spot Truck Accident Claim

Driving in a commercial truck’s blind spot can be dangerous, especially if the person driving the truck acts irresponsibly while you are near their vehicle. When a trucker fails to check their blind spots properly and injures other people, they should be held accountable for the damage they cause.

Chad Jones Law could help you pursue the compensation you deserve following a blind spot truck accident in Midland. Call our local law firm today for a consultation.