Overloaded/Overweight Truck Accidents in Midland

State and federal laws limit how much commercial trucks can weigh while traveling on public roads. On top of being harder to control, overloaded trucks also strain their various mechanical components, as these vehicles were not designed to bear weight over certain amounts. This increases the risk of a malfunction while in transit that could lead to a catastrophic accident.

Any truck driver, trucking company, or third party that puts an overweight truck on the road should be held legally accountable for an ensuing crash. When filing suit after overloaded/overweight truck accidents in Midland, there is no substitute for support from a seasoned lawyer. Let the dedicated attorneys at Chad Jones Law guide you throughout the process.

How to Tell if a Tractor-Trailer is Overloaded

It is impossible to tell exactly how much a truck weighs at a glance. However, it can be helpful for drivers to be aware of the common signs of an overloaded truck and avoid these vehicles on the road. It is best to keep as much distance as possible from a truck if:

  • The cargo is bulging over or through the truck’s sides or visible over the top of the trailer or cab
  • The truck takes an abnormally long time to slow down when braking, or the driver is braking more often than usual
  • The driver is having trouble keeping the truck moving in a straight line or is taking especially wide turns or swerves to avoid obstacles
  • The suspension springs next to the truck’s wheels are compressed, and the trailer is not slightly bouncing on those springs as it normally would

Overloaded tractor-trailers are more likely to lose traction with the wheel, especially during inclement weather. When semi-trucks skid, they are more likely to jackknife or roll over, potentially colliding with multiple vehicles before coming to a stop. After a truck wreck, our Midland attorneys could investigate the incident for signs that the vehicle was overloaded.

Proving a Trucking Company Liable for Damages

Under federal law, the most a truck can legally weigh on interstate highways is 80,000 across the truck, trailer, and cargo combined. Additionally, heavier trucks can only travel within a single state’s borders and only with a special permit.

Building a strong claim against a trucking company for violating these laws can be difficult; many trucking companies that put overweight vehicles on the road will take additional illegal measures to hide what they have done. Driver logs may be falsified or incomplete, and paper and electronic records may be “lost” or intentionally destroyed.

This is why working with capable legal counsel is essential after a wreck involving an overloaded truck in Midland. An experienced local attorney at our firm knows all the tricks that trucking companies use to dodge liability for crashes. We could work tirelessly to give an injured person the best chance of a positive case result.

Speak with a Midland Attorney About an Overloaded/Overweight Truck Accident Claim

Any driver or company that flaunts state and federal trucking laws puts everyone on the road at risk of severe harm. When an overloaded tractor-trailer leads to a wreck, you have the right to hold the at-fault parties accountable and seek payment for your losses.

Taking prompt legal action against the trucker and trucking company may be crucial to protecting your long-term best interests. Call Chad Jones Law today to discuss your options following an overloaded/overweight truck accident in Midland.