Adopting New Safety Tech for Commercial Trucks in Texas

Car safety features have become more advanced and more common over the past decade. Many features are now standard and more affordable, such as forward-collision warning (FCW) and automatic emergency braking.

More importantly, research has shown that these features are reducing crashes in passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, commercial trucks are another story.

Why the trucking industry should adopt safety technology

The vast majority tractor-trailers and other commercial vehicles lack these features. As of 2015, only 15 percent of these trucks were outfitted with advanced safety features such as FCW. Many trucks on the road are over a decade old, long before the widespread adoption of these safety features. However, progress is being made to improve this number and improve the safety of trucks on the road. According to a SAFE report, as much as 40 percent of large commercial truck fleets in the U.S. could have FCW and crash-mitigation systems by 2020.

These systems often come in packages that include multiple safety technologies working in conjunction with one another. Software allows various cameras and sensors in the vehicle to monitor a driver’s surroundings. When the sensors detect an object, a warning goes off to alert the driver and allows them to take the proper course of action. These warnings are meant to support drivers. However, they are not a substitute for driver experience. For added safety, automatic braking systems can prevent collisions when a driver is unable to do so.

Anti-lock braking Systems are included in many packages, though they have been required by law since 1997. Electronic stability control, which helps drivers maintain control of their vehicle during extreme steering maneuvers by keeping the vehicle headed in the driver’s intended direction, has been in required by law since 2017. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that there will be a complete adoption of other technologies without similar government mandates. Companies would be wise to invest in this technology since preventing collisions will help save lives and lower costs in the long run.

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