Avoiding Game Day Pedestrian Accidents

We’re well into football season in College Station and Waco, and that means thousands of people will be coming to Kyle Field and McLane Stadium on every game day.  Texas A&M led the SEC in attendance last year with over 103,000 fans per game, and Baylor had more than 46,000 fans per game. Fans of both teams are expected to show up in droves this season as well.

The game day experience is usually great fun – but not when fans are involved in wrecks before or after the game. With so many people walking to their cars or back to their dorms after each game, the risk of pedestrian accidents is high.

Fans can take steps to stay safe on game day

Whenever a hundred thousand people are involved in an event, there’s bound to be some confusion, and that confusion can lead to an accident. Keep these tips in mind to stay safe on game day:

  • Arrive early. Tailgating is half the fun of going to a college football game, but that’s hardly the only reason to arrive early. If you’re driving, you’ll be able to get parking closer to the stadium, which means a shorter walk to and from your car. Plus, with an early arrival time, you’ll miss most of the traffic.
  • Be careful in parking lots. Parking lots are often high-risk areas for pedestrian accidents. Both cars and pedestrians use them, parked cars may limit visibility, and it’s often not clear who needs to walk or drive where. The risk is even higher on game day because of the number of fans tailgating, so stay alert!
  • Drink responsibly. We know the dangers of drinking and driving, but drinking and walking can be just as dangerous. Alcohol is involved in nearly half of all pedestrian accidents. By all means, have a good time at the game, but make sure you’re always conscious of safety.
  • Avoid distractions. Whether it’s snapchatting pictures of the game, checking out the latest updates around the SEC on your phone or texting with friends who may have missed the game, there are plenty of reasons to be on your phone during and after a game. Remember, though, that whether you’re walking or driving, you need to look while you’re going. Either stop and sit down or put the phone away.
  • Wear bright clothing. Especially when kickoff is at 6:00 or later, it’s likely to be pretty dark outside by the time the game wraps up. Bright, reflective clothing will help you stay visible to drivers trying to navigate the crowded conditions as fans leave Kyle Field.

When fans get hurt, Chad Jones fights for justice

When you’re going to a game at Kyle Field or McLane Stadium, you want to have a great time, and rightly so – but you need to be mindful of safely sharing the road. Follow these tips to keep yourself safe before, during and after the game.

Even when fans take steps to be safe, though, they can always be hurt due to the negligence or recklessness of others. Attorney Chad E. Jones, an Aggie himself, has been representing injured people throughout the Bryan and College Station area for over 17 years. If you’ve been hurt in a wreck, contact us today.