Coronavirus and Personal Injury Claims: Why You Still Need to See a Doctor

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Should You Keep Your Doctor Appointments?

With the spread of the COVID-19 virus and uptick of Shelter-In-Place orders taking place across Texas, you are likely debating whether you should continue with your scheduled medical care.

This is an understandable concern. You may fear that the risk of contracting the virus while making your doctor’s appointment outweighs the benefit of these medical visits. Getting sick from the virus is not only inconvenient, it can cause major health issues and put your family and friends at risk of contracting the virus as well.

We understand your concerns in these trying times.

But we also know how important treatment is for your healing process and for your case. If you are seeing a doctor for post-accident medical care, you need to continue according to your doctor’s orders, as much as possible. This medical care helps you to heal, while also demonstrating to judge, jury, and insurance adjusters the level of your pain and seriousness of your injury.

Even during this time of social distancing and Shelter-In-Place orders, you have options for your continued treatment. Attorney Kevin Kornegay offers insight regarding your options below.

Before You Cancel Your Doctor Appointments:

  • Before making any changes to your medical care, talk to your primary care physician or other medical professional and follow their advice, regarding your post-accident medical care and therapies.
  • If your current doctor has stopped seeing patients, and you have been advised to continue your post-accident medical care, other doctors are available. Find a physician in your area that is taking patients and make an appointment. If you are unable to find a doctor that is taking patients, please contact your case manager or attorney and they can help you find a doctor that can help.
  • Appointment slots may be limited. If you can’t be seen for all of your recommended appointment times, you should attend every possible appointment. One visit a week is better than none.
  • A telemedicine visit may be an acceptable replacement for in-person appointments. Speak with your doctor to see if this is an option and if it would be suitable for your treatment plan.
  • If you decide not to go, ask your doctor about other options you can do at home. This includes home exercises, stretches, light cardio such as walking, and time outdoors.
  • Also, if you are unable to attend your appointments, please make sure you call your doctor’s office regularly and inform them of your pain and any changes. Be sure to ask them to document your calls in your file. This is vital, as it keeps a record of your physical state and recovery which is necessary for your case. This also helps your doctor make informed decisions for your post-accident medical care.
  • If you make any purchases for your care at home such as foam rollers, heating pads, pain medications, and prescriptions pertaining to your treatment, send us the receipts. This way, we can track your expenses and work to make sure you are fully compensated.
  • Finally, stay in contact with your attorney so we are informed at every stage of your case. When in doubt, give us a call and we will help you.

Before you decide to cut out all doctor’s visits, please consider the alternatives. Telemedicine has seen a huge spike in popularity since the outbreak of COVID-19 and for good reason. The Cleveland Clinic has logged more than 60,000 telemedicine visits in March alone, an increase from their average of 3,400 virtual visits a month.

While you are practicing social distancing and Shelter-In-Place orders, it’s important to continue with regular fitness practices, especially if recommended for your treatment. While fitness centers may be closed, you can stay active at home. If it aligns with your treatment plans, take frequent walks, stretch regularly, eat well, and take in plenty of fluids. Following simple but consistent steps like these will keep your health improving and help you improve your mental state.

As always, the team at Chad Jones Law is here for you. If you have concerns, questions, or updates, call or text us anytime. Throughout these trying times, we continue to work hard on your case to get you the compensation that you deserve, as quickly as possible. Even during the Coronavirus pandemic, our team is equipped to continue working for you. We are your partner from the beginning through the end of your case and as you recover. Please let us know how we can help.