Drowsy Driving A Major Threat In Texas

There are many factors that can cause or influence a car accident. Due in part to a lack of accurate testing available after an accident has occurred, one of the hardest factors to accurately track is drowsiness.

However, AAA was able to collect facial data in the three minutes prior to recorded accidents. AAA was able to provide evidence that drowsiness plays a factor in nearly eight times as many accidents as previous estimates claimed.

Dangers of drowsy driving

The Government has estimated have held drowsiness as a factor in 1 to 2 percent of accidents. However, according to the AAA study, this number should be 9.5 percent of all crashes and 10.8 percent of crashes involving significant property damage. While 96 percent of drivers in another AAA study recognized that drowsy driving was an unacceptable danger on the road, 29 percent admitted to driving while fatigued at some point in the previous month.

AAA’s director of Traffic Safety Advocacy and Research, Jake Nelson, explained that “missing just two to three hours of sleep can more than quadruple your risk for a crash, which is the equivalent of driving drunk.”

Preventing accidents

Signs to recognize that indicate fatigue include difficulty keeping eyes open, lane drifting, and not remembering stretches of the drive. The most important indication that it is unsafe to drive is also the easiest for a driver to know about before getting behind the wheel, lack of sleep.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the recommended minimum sleep is seven hours per night, but 35 percent of Americans don’t get this amount. that much. While there are a number of tricks drivers use to prevent themselves from falling asleep, William Van Tassel of Driver Training for AAA warns, “don’t be fooled, the only antidote for drowsiness is sleep…your body’s need for sleep will eventually override your brain’s attempts to stay awake.”

AAA advises drivers taking long trips to travel during times when they are normally awake, avoid heavy foods, schedule breaks, make use of short naps and alternate drivers.

Drivers are responsible for their own sleep habits and the choices they make when getting behind the wheel without sufficient rest. Insurance companies have a responsibility to provide a reasonable amount of compensation for the victims of reckless driving.

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