Texas Attorney Weighs in on TxDOT’s Commitment to Vision Zero

In 2017, approximately 3,721 people across Texas were killed in traffic collisions. Now the Texas Transportation Commission wants to cut those numbers in half by 2035 and eliminate traffic deaths entirely by 2050, according to an article in the Houston Chronicle.

What does the vision zero goal mean for Texas?

The state’s intended goal to eliminate traffic deaths is part of the Vision Zero pledge adopted by many states. Texas officials acknowledge that zero deaths is not likely obtainable, but establishing such a goal may send a message that “no death is acceptable.”

According to Jay Blazek Crossley, executive director of Farm & City, a nonprofit advocacy group for safer streets, transit, and bicycling, “Texas leads the nation in traffic deaths and serious injuries, and we can lead the nation in eliminating traffic deaths and serious injuries.”

State officials intend to raise awareness among Texas drivers by emphasizing what they refer to as the “three Es,” which includes:

  • Engineering – Redesigning roadways and intersections to mitigate the severity of crashes
  • Enforcement – Increasing efforts from law enforcement to prevent crashes
  • Education – Educating drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians on the dangers posed by human error

Vision Zero was first implemented in Sweden during the 1990s but has gained momentum in cities across the United States in recent years. According to Vision Zero’s website, this initiative is designed to counter the annual fatality average of 40,000 motor vehicle deaths every year in the U.S. – including thousands more serious injuries.

In addition, Vision Zero addresses the driving culture that accepts the high rate of serious and fatal crashes as normal. The organization acknowledges that no driver is perfect. Even the most responsible drivers make errors at times. The intended goal isn’t perfection, but rather, improvements to road infrastructure and roadway policies that can prevent a minor error from turning into a catastrophe.

Injured in a crash? Justice is just one click away!

It’s a shame that with the emerging car safety technology and efforts to reduce fatal crash by safety advocates, traffic fatalities still remain as high as they do. We hope to see a significant decline in fatal crashes with the implementation of Texas’s Vision Zero program. However, it could take years to produce results.

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