Texas School Bus Safety Depends On All Of Us

When we send our children to school on the bus in the morning, we put our faith in the driver and the school system to transport our children to and from home safely. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Last month, Time Magazine reported that a school bus was struck by a power line on its way to Terry Middle School in Mesquite, Texas. The power line ignited a fire when it came in contact with the bus. This resulted in a fatality. 

Every autumn, there is an increase in the number of school bus accidents. In part, this is because there are more new and inexperienced bus drivers getting on the road at the beginning of every school year. 

David Gray, the Operations Director with the Waco Independent School District insists that the bus drivers in his district uphold all standard safety practices. “There is about 15 minutes in the morning that is dedicated into the school bus inspection,” said Gray. “Checking the brakes, checking the lights, checking the steering gear and the overall inspection of the bus.”  

Gray insists that school buses are the safest way to travel to and from school. He believes one of the greatest safety risks for buses on the road is inattentive drivers, particularly drivers who are on their smartphones. “Distractions posed by cell phones are a problem and I would appreciate it if everyone would address that and keep in mind while children are going to and from school.”  

We are all responsible for students’ safety

Bus drivers must remain vigilant. The standard safety practices laid out by David Gray go far in keeping children safe, as long as every bus driver upholds them. However, a safety checklist is not enough. Bus drivers must always be aware of possible dangers while on the road, such as fallen power lines.   

The lawyers at Chad Jones Law know that we share a responsibility with bus drivers to keep each child safe. When driving, be aware of school buses on the road. Never text and drive, especially around a school bus, as children might be disembarking and crossing the street in front of you. 

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