The Delay of Truck Safety Regulations Leaves Drivers at Risk

Inexperienced and undertrained truck drivers on our roads pose a safety risk

The feeling of anxiety and apprehension when driving in close proximity to an 18-wheeler is one we are all familiar with, and one that never really leaves us for as long as we drive. However, truckers have driven thousands of miles across state lines and spent countless hours on the road, making them experienced enough to be able to avoid accidents and travel alongside us safely. At least, that’s what we hope to be the case. With new administrative changes, it very well may not be.

Inexperienced truck drivers can easily cause accidents. Wielding a vehicle of that size at high speeds, or navigating sharp turns can easily injure or kill another driver. AtChad Jones Law, we know that a driver’s comfort and safety on the road are paramount. That’s why we are committed to representing those who have been injured by truck drivers who do not always follow the rules, even though they should. Driving on little sleep, skipping rest breaks, and traveling at unsafe speeds are all forms of risky behavior that should not be on our roads. Without proper training and experience, their ability to handle situations and react properly may likewise be limited.

Regulations delayed while fatalities rise

In order to keep our roads and drivers safe, regulations are put in place to ensure truck drivers following the rules of the road and taking responsibility for their actions. The minimum amount of training to gain certification was originally set to 30 hours behind the wheel. The effective date for the behind-the-wheel training requirement has been delayed multiple times, without any opportunity for the public to comment. In addition, the American Trucking Association opposes timed requirements for trucking companies. They believe the program should depend upon “demonstrating proficiency,” rather than dedicating time to training.

Many other positions require timed training. Plumbers, barbers and hairstylists all must undergo a certain number of hours in order to reach certification requirements. Given that truck drivers are in a profession where they can potentially cause serious accidents, they need to be held to even higher standards.

Proper training would prevent accidents

When companies send their trucks down winding roads or mountain paths, they may be sending that new driver into a serious accident. Without enough experience or proper training, a truck driver is a hazard on wheels. The number of truck accidents occurring is on the rise. Fatal crashes rose by 20% from 2009 to 2015 alone. Thousands of people are killed annually, with almost 10,000 injured in collisions involving trucks.

Injured victims of truck accidents need representation

If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a truck, contact us. We know how difficult it may seem to restore your quality of life to normalcy, but we can help. Truck drivers should be held to the same regulations as other professionals, especially when the lives of others are at risk. We can share the road, but only if the negligent party takes responsibility for the damages that their accident has caused.