Traffic Fatalities Are Estimated To Have Dropped 2% In 2019, But Is That Enough?

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What’s causing the overall decline in traffic fatalities over the last few years? Some expert speculate that safer vehicle designs and stricter laws may be leading to more survivable crashes.

Preliminary 2019 crash data from The National Safety Council shows that the number of traffic fatalities in the U.S. went down by two percent from 2018. Here are the figures:

  • More than 39,000 people died on American roadways in 2018.
  • The estimated number of traffic fatalities in 2019 was 38,800.
  • An estimated 4.4 million serious crash-related injuries occurred in 2019 (also a 2 percent decrease from 2018)

Have traffic fatalities decreased in Texas?

Any decrease in serious and fatal crashes may count as progress, but is a two percent drop really enough? The estimated 38,800 deaths and 4.4 million serious injuries is nothing to boast about.

Texas, for example, leads the nation in the number of traffic fatalities. According to state data from the NHTSA, Texas had 3,642 total crash fatalities in 2018 — surpassing both California and Florida. Among those:

  • 2,110 happen on urban roads, and 1,520 on rural roads
  • 2,345 involved passengers, 1,221 of whom used seatbelts
  • 1,439 involved a drunk driver
  • 990 involved speeding
  • 416 involved motorcyclists
  • 612 involved pedestrians (up from 608 in 2017)
  • 69 involved bicyclists (up from 59 in 2017)

Until the 2019 crash statistics are released, we won’t know for sure if Texas has made any progress.

How dangerous are Texas roads?

To put things in perspective, Texas hasn’t had a single day in two decades where there hasn’t been a traffic fatality. Let that sink in for a moment.

Everywhere, drivers are barreling down the highway at unsafe speeds, using cellphones, engaging in reckless and aggressive driving, and getting behind the wheel after having too much to drink.

That means drivers risk their lives and health each day when they embark on Texas roads — even those who drive responsibly.

Furthermore, pedestrian and bicyclist deaths have drastically increased in recent years. The overall dip in traffic fatalities is only benefiting motorists, not all road users.

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