Truck Driver Reliance on Safety Technology, Waco Attorney Discusses

It’s the wave of the future for commercial trucks – sophisticated accident prevention technology. Since a fully-loaded truck can weigh up to 80,000 lbs, this technology can be beneficial to keeping the roads safe in Waco and across the State of Texas. 

Like many of today’s automobiles, these new safety features include:  

  • Lane-departure warning systems: This feature detects lane markings and alerts drivers when their vehicles inadvertently begin veering into another lane or off the road.  
  • Collision-avoidance alerts: This feature is designed to detect other vehicles or objects in the road and alert drivers of a potential collision.  
  • Rollover protection: This feature decelerates and stabilizes a truck when it detects a potential rollover.  
  • Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS): This feature includes adaptive cruise control, automatic collision avoidance, and blind spot detection. 
  • GPS fleet tracking: This feature monitors a truck’s location, speed, time in service, and direction traveled.  
  • Dashboard cameras: This feature monitors truck drivers and the road ahead. In the event of a crash, dashboard cameras can provide evidence as to how it occurred.  

While this technology sounds promising, it can have negative long-term consequences. 

When technology malfunctions

Drivers can become so reliant on safety features that their ability to judge potential accident risks and take evasive measures can be reduced.  

Many of these features may fail to do what they’re designed to do for the following reasons: 

  • System malfunctions: Like any kind of modern technology, a glitch or an error can occur at any time. Drivers should be prepared to be fully engaged when this happens.  
  • Environmental factors: Weather conditions, such as rain, snow, or fog may block cameras and sensors. During inclement weather conditions, it’s important for drivers to disengage from using this technology altogether.  

When implementing modern safety technology, training is key. Trucking companies should ensure that their drivers are skilled, experienced, and understand how to use these safety features responsibly. Failure to do so could put the lives of other road users at risk, especially when something goes wrong.  

Injured in a crash? We can help!

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