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Attorney Chad E. Jones is an advocate for students.

College should be a time for students to learn, explore and test the limits of life. For some students, though, that experience takes a sharp turn due to an injury. A serious accident can have serious consequences for your studies, your career and your life.

For over a decade, Chad Jones Law, P.C. has been advocating for injured college students at Texas A&M, Baylor University and other campuses throughout Texas. Attorney Chad E. Jones, an Aggie himself, is committed to serving the collegiate community. Whether you’ve been hurt due to the negligence of the college itself, or a third party, we can help.

No matter the circumstances of your campus injury, we’re here to help

College campuses are home to thousands of young people in a relatively small space, and university administrators are responsible for providing those people with a safe and healthy environment. When they don’t, there’s a high risk of injury. Some of the injuries we’ve seen on campus include:

  • Pedestrian accidentsCollege students tend to come and go on foot at all hours of the day and night. Motorists in college towns need to be alert and attentive to avoid causing accidents. When a car hits a student’s unprotected body, serious accidents can occur.


  • Slip and fall accidents: With the amount of foot traffic on even a small campus, walkways, stairways and other areas can quickly become hazardous. The college is responsible for promptly cleaning up wet floors, providing proper lighting and installing other safety equipment such as railings.


  • Chemical burns: Science classrooms and labs can be dangerous places without proper safety equipment and protocols in place. Students can sustain disfiguring injuries due to an administrator or professor’s negligence.


  • Sports-related injuries: Participants in athletic events can be seriously injured due to negligence on the part of coaches, trainers and other staff. Fans can also be in danger during the rush of foot traffic on game days, or when fights break out due to inadequate security.


  • Assaults in dorms: No college student should be left vulnerable to physical or sexual assault. Colleges are responsible for providing adequate security in all of their buildings – and for promptly and appropriately responding to incidents when they do occur.

Whatever the circumstances, it’s important to take legal action after your injury, including if you were hurt at a public university such as Texas A&M. When a personal injury happens on government property, your attorney must meet strict deadlines to move your case forward. Even at a private university such as Baylor, there may be significant obstacles to taking legal action. That’s why you should contact us right away to learn more about all your legal options.

If you’ve been hurt on campus, you deserve justice. We’d be honored to meet with you for a FREE consultation, whether that’s at our offices in College Station or Waco, on campus, in your hospital room or wherever else is convenient for you.


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