Temple Burn Injury Lawyer

Your skin is your largest organ, a living, breathing, waterproof workhorse that warns you if you touch something hot and allows you to sweat when your body heats up. A mild burn will sting and redden, but a deeper one can be excruciating and disfiguring. You could need skin grafts, surgery, and years of rehabilitation. You could also lose financial stability if you cannot work following a burn accident.

When your burns result from an accident someone else caused, a Temple burn injury lawyer can discuss whether filing a lawsuit for compensation is a solution for your situation. Reach out to Chad Jones Law today to speak with our trusted catastrophic injury attorneys about your case.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

While many people associate burns with fire or other heat sources, there are other ways to cause burn injuries. Types of burns include chemical, radiation, electrical, and of course, thermal. Some of the common causes of burn injuries include:

The treatment someone will need after sustaining a burn depends on the severity of the injury. Burns are typically categorized into “degrees.” A person can have first-, second-, third-, or fourth-degree burns. Generally, the higher the degree, the more serious the burn. Our experienced Temple attorneys could analyze the details surrounding your burn incident to determine what caused it and who should be held liable for the damages.

Compensatory Damages After a Burn Accident in Texas

Damages is a term used to refer to the compensation an injured person could receive after a successful civil claim. Juries consider two types of damage awards to compensate the plaintiff, economic and non-economic. A dollar value is easily assigned to economic damages because they are tied to the injured person’s monetary losses, such as medical bills, rehabilitative care, lost wages, and property damage.

Non-economic damages assign a monetary value to subjective losses, such as emotional trauma, disfigurement, and loss of mobility. Although some states cap non-economic damages, Texas is not one of them, except in medical malpractice cases. Our skilled Temple burn injury attorneys can help injured parties craft a settlement demand for damages that accurately reflects the extent of their losses.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are supposed to deter defendants from repeating bad behavior. Where compensatory damages are based on negligence, punitive or exemplary damages are based on gross negligence, according to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 41.003. This means a defendant’s behavior must be extremely risky with no regard to the amount of damage they cause.

Let a Temple Burn Injury Lawyer Be Your Compassionate Advocate

Burn injuries are painful, debilitating and can leave emotional scars long after the physical ones heal. Let us help you regain some control over your life by holding the responsible party liable for your injuries and losses. Although money can’t change what has already happened, it will at least secure your financial future, allowing you to heal comfortably and take care of your family. Contact a Temple burn injury lawyer from Chad Jones Law to learn how we could help you during this stressful time.