Temple Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

When drivers fail to pay proper attention to their surroundings, they can cause serious injuries to others on the road, including pedestrians. Because pedestrians have no protection against vehicles, they often suffer catastrophic or even fatal injuries in these accidents. It is important to recognize that negligent drivers can be held legally responsible for a pedestrian’s losses.

If you or a loved one were injured by a motor vehicle while traveling on foot, do not hesitate to contact a Temple pedestrian accident lawyer. A skilled injury attorney at Chad Jones Law could work diligently to ensure you receive appropriate compensation.

Identifying the At-Fault Party

A pedestrian seeking damages must prove that another party’s failure to exercise reasonable care led to the conditions that caused the accident. Sometimes several parties might be potentially liable in a pedestrian accident.

A driver who hits a pedestrian is often negligent in causing the accident. Drivers must always be attentive to their surroundings, anticipate unexpected events, and respond to them effectively. Even if a pedestrian was walking in the street when a sidewalk was available, a driver must take all reasonable steps to avoid them.

Pedestrian Accidents Might Involve Government Defendants

Unlike most other accidents, pedestrian accidents often implicate a local government, which affects how cases are handled and the time to file suit. When a pedestrian has a claim against a local government, Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §101.101 says they must present the local government with a notice of claim within six months or lose the right to sue.

Government ownership or operation of a vehicle that hits a pedestrian, or its operation by an on-duty public employee, could be grounds to sue. Likewise, poor road or crosswalk design, shoddy road maintenance, or inadequate lighting could lead to a collision between a pedestrian and a vehicle. Given the government’s involvement with and responsibility for these things, this could serve as grounds for an injury claim. A Chad Jones Law attorney could assist with navigating a pedestrian injury claim with a government defendant in Temple.

Pursuing Damages from the Negligent Party

An injured pedestrian’s damages could include their medical expenses, time off work, incidental costs of the injury, pain, disability, emotional anguish, lost enjoyment of life, and other provable losses resulting from the injury. A Temple accident attorney could help a pedestrian catalog and document their damages.

When a motorist negligently causes the pedestrian’s injuries, the driver’s insurance company will pay damages up to the driver’s policy limits. The driver could be personally liable for damages that exceed their available coverage. If a local government bears responsibility, the law limits the damages it must pay to $250,000 for the pedestrian’s bodily injuries.

Do Not Wait to Take Legal Action

Someone injured in a pedestrian accident should seek legal counsel immediately. Insurance companies sometimes try to intimidate accident victims into quick, unfavorable settlements. A legal representative could handle communication with the insurer and work to get a settlement that provides adequate payment for the injured person’s losses.

There is also a legal deadline known as the “statute of limitations” that limits the time in which someone can file a lawsuit after an accident. If an injured party does not file within the statutory timeframe, they lose their right to seek justice in court. In most cases, a pedestrian pursuing damages for personal injuries must file a lawsuit within two years of the accident. A Temple attorney with Chad Jones Law could ensure that a pedestrian accident claim is filed within the necessary timeframe.

Trust a Temple Pedestrian Accident Attorney to Handle Your Claim

If you suffered an injury while walking on the sidewalk or crossing the street, you could seek compensation if another party’s conduct contributed to the accident. A Temple pedestrian accident lawyer could help you seek fair compensation for your losses and ensure that the at-fault party is held responsible. Contact us at Chad Jones Law today to learn more about what our dedicated team could do for you.