Temple Railroad Accident Lawyer

Trains are essential to move people and commodities over long distances, but they pose significant hazards. A train moving at 55 miles per hour might require more than a mile to come to a complete stop, meaning it is sometimes impossible for them to avoid people or vehicles on the tracks.

If you were injured by a train derailing, crashing, or otherwise causing harm, you could be entitled to compensation for your losses. A Temple railroad accident lawyer could review your situation and develop a tailored legal strategy. Our personal injury attorneys are ready to help you navigate the daunting complexities of the legal system.

How Train Accidents Cause Injuries

According to the Federal Railroad System Office of Safety Analysis, most train accidents are derailments, meaning one or more cars leave the tracks. When one car derails, others often derail as well. The force of a derailment can cause severe or even fatal injuries to passengers. Sometimes, derailments cause fires, and people on the train could suffer from burns or smoke inhalation.

When a train carrying cargo derails, the contents of the cars often spill. Depending on the nature of the load, the leaked or spilled contents could pose a significant hazard to people in the surrounding area. In such cases, a Temple railroad accident attorney could claim for any injuries to health or property a person nearby suffered due to a train derailment.

Collisions make up a much smaller percentage of total accidents, but they often cause death and devastating injury. Passenger vehicles, large SUVs, or pickups all would be crushed by the force of an oncoming train. Tragically, people sometimes get hit by trains or projectiles from a train when walking on or near train tracks. People also could sustain severe injuries if they try to board or disembark while a train is moving.

Causes of Train Accidents

Like accidents of any kind, train accidents are often the result of human error. Railroads also tend to have a lot of aging infrastructure that has not been properly maintained, and unsafe track conditions or malfunctioning equipment could cause a train to derail or crash. Older tracks must support trains that can reach double or even triple the speeds of trains in operation when the tracks were built.

Factors that often lead to train accidents include:

  • Defective tracks
  • Malfunctioning switches or signals
  • Structurally unsound railroad bridges
  • Failure to upgrade trackside warning systems
  • Train coupling errors
  • Unbalanced cargo due to poor loading
  • Unsecured cargo
  • Operating too fast

When vehicles and trains collide, it is not unheard of for train operators to try and pin the blame on the motorist. Doing so reduces the railroad’s liability, as Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §33.003 makes all parties responsible for the results of their conduct. A Temple attorney could ensure that any driver who suffered injuries in a railroad collision bears no more than their fair share of the blame.

Damages in Temple Train Wreck Cases

A Temple attorney representing a train accident victim must prove that the railroad or another party was negligent. When someone fails to use a reasonable degree of caution under certain circumstances, they are considered negligent.

Negligent parties are legally liable harm suffered in an accident. Damages could include medical and rehabilitation costs, lost income, mental health support, and any incidental expenses relating to treating, recovering, and living with the injury. If injuries are severe and require ongoing medical care or if the injured party could not resume their employment, damages could cover diminished earning potential and the cost of future medical treatment.

Damages also compensate for losses that do not have a price tag. An injured person could get damages for their mental anguish, disability, scarring, pain, and lost ability to participate in activities they enjoyed. In some cases, family members could receive damages for loss of consortium and loss of the injured party’s companionship.

Let a Temple Railroad Accident Attorney Fight for You

Trains accidents are devastating. Whatever the specifics, a Temple train accident lawyer with Chad Jones Law could assist you.

Railroads have powerful legal teams trying to protect their profits, so it is crucial to have an aggressive legal professional protecting you. Our team could assess the cause of the crash, collect evidence in your favor, and answer any questions you have about the incoming legal processes. Call today to schedule a consultation with a capable attorney.